Black Panther review

Caught Black Panther last night and, contrary to my concerns (which stemmed entirely from the overhyping of the movie by various entertainment mediums), I enjoyed it. Unlike the before-mentioned mediums, I don’t think it was the best thing that Marvel has put out in the theaters – that is and remains Captain America: The Winter Soldier – but I definitely think this was one of the better ones. That said, it does have some issues that bothered me. Spoilers ahead so I’ll hide them behind the break.

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Game Prep: Traveller, 4×05, Fast Gig & Wyrm/S Jump Shuttle

In the process of my prep for this session, I realized that I might need the “stats” for the other two ship elements that will be participating (in some capacity or another) in this fight, specifically the fast gig (ostensibly carrying the station commander) and the jump shuttle itself. Fortunately, neither are intended to be armed and I really only need the base stats. GURPS: Traveller – Starships has the 3E versions of these vessels, so that’s all I need to reproduce them using Spaceships.

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Using GURPS Chases for a Race

This coming Saturday, I’m expecting a “Race” during the Traveller session, with the PCs aboard a “borrowed” System Defense Boat trying to reach a Jump Shuttle before a much faster (4G accel vs 6G accel) gig that holds the station commander who did very bad things to their comrade, Abe. This led me to considering how exactly to play this out and, while discussing with one of the players, I think I’ve sort of figured it out while using the Chase rules from Action 2.

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Game Prep: Traveller, 4×05, Rampart-class Fighter

As stated in my Game Prep for Traveller 4×05, I mentioned my intent to do a space battle between some fighters and the systems defense boat that the crew are going to “borrow” so that means I need some stats. Since my plan for this space battle is to use GURPS: Spaceships, I needed to build the fighters which needed to be as close to the stats from GURPS: Traveller as possible (specifically, the Rampart-class Fighter.) Obviously, there’s no way I was going to be exactly right, but that’s okay.

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