GM Commentary: Banestorm, 3×01

Recap here.

So, first session is done and … I don’t have a lot to say about it because, honestly, it turned out to be one big fight for pretty much the entire session. As a result, we didn’t get as far as I had planned, even though we played a bit longer than normal. That said, the ending was probably slightly stronger than originally planned.

Some observations noted from the fight:

  • Haruki remains a terrifying beast. Two of my bad guys blocked his attacks and still ended up with broken limbs.
  • Aramis is also going to be a “if I actually connect, you’re basically screwed” kind of character with his TA: Neck/Artery and TA:Eye.
  • We don’t really have a firm grasp on Ismir yet, because the player is still trying to find his footing. He stuck with knives and never pulled his spear, so we don’t yet know how that’s going to actually play out.

But overall, everyone seemed to have fun, even the two players whose characters were not present (though they were intended to be if I hadn’t vastly miscalculated how long the fight would take.) So that’s a net positive, I suppose.

Dresden Files, Battle Ground

Oh. My. Fucking. God. I just finished this book and … OMFG. I legitimately think this is now my favorite of the series. Offhand, I can think of four different “WHAT?!!!” moments in it. And I cannot wait for the next one with what is set up in this one.

Game Prep: Banestorm, Season 3, Pt 1

As stated way back when, my next Saturday Fantasy Grounds game is going to be the third “chapter” of our ongoing GURPS Banestorm game, “Embers of Defiance” once the current campaign, Earthfall, comes to a pause which will be, at the most, in 10 sessions from now so … late October. If last year is any indication, we’ll probably end up needing to take a hiatus due to half of the group disappearing for holiday reasons, though that might not actually be the case this year. Time will tell.

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Game Prep: The Verge, 3×05, Cont’d

So I figured the second part of this adventure out, I think. I’m going ripoff a lot of the stuff from Crowded Hours adventure. Unlike the original adventure, they’ll be on the orbital refinery, not a starship … though I’m thinking of using the final crash bit in 3×06.

In the original source material, the PCs are on a passenger transport that misjumps and bad shit ensues, culminating in the ship crashing on a moon (though it has the potential of straight up plowing into the moon and everyone dying.) Since its a passenger ship, the PCs have to deal with other passengers as well as the crew; since that’s not the case here, I’m just retrofitting the passengers to family members of LFC employees. But pretty much all of the other stuff that happens can happen in this (excepting the “help us with the people in low passage.”)

So I think it’s all doable. Time will tell.