Back to GamePrep for ConsOps

Am in the process of forcing myself to get back to working on my game since I just know that “game-night” will sneak up and ambush me before I know it. Luckily, I think I’ve gotten a solid grip on what’s next. Am formulating notes now and will probably post my initial gameprep notes tomorrow […]

GURPS: Shadowrun PC – FREYR, elven gun-mage

My GURPS: Action game has, by necessity, gone onto hiatus due to half of the group having to miss a bunch of sessions during the summer, so, as a result, we’re playing a bunch of so-called “One-Shots” in the Shadowrun universe. I’ve had a lot of trouble getting my teeth into this setting in the […]

Interesting Realizations

So … it’s been a while since I actually watched Avengers: Endgame and, to my very great surprise, I haven’t had the urge to rewatch it at all. In all honesty, as time has passed and I’ve really digested it, I’ve realized that I actually didn’t like it as much as I originally thought I did. It’s […]

More Gaming Absences…

Ugh. One of the Saturday players is definitely out for the next two weeks, another is going to wildly inconsistent until sometime in August. This essentially leaves us with two players for ConsOps which … yeah. That’s problematic to the extreme. So I expect ConsOps will be slipping into a half-hiatus mode. The worst part […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.08

Man, that was messy. I knew going in that would be – as stated, the two week hiatus plus my feverish planning for GenCon (not to mention, this fifty-plus hour work week I’ve had) kind of ‘harshed my groove’ so to speak – but I did not anticipate it being quite that sloppy. In retrospect, […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.08

So … as it turns out, having two weeks off thanks to some player absences, does absolutely nothing positive for my motivation and the narrative flow. My brain has already tried (rather successfully, I must add) to start shifting tracks to the sci-fi game I’ll be running (eventually) in my face-to-face group on Fridays, which […]

Falling Behind Again…

We’ve had a couple of unexpected absences for the Saturday game, which has led to me delaying ConsOps while we do some GURPS: Shadowrun oneshots while down a player … I’ve fallen way behind in planning and absolutely need to get off my ass & get back into this. Tonight is the face-to-face game and […]

GM Commentary: ConsOps 2.07

Well. That happened. And … yeah. It was every bit as messed up as I feared. To preface, we had some irritating technical issues at the beginning with the guy hosting the Twitch stream, which delayed us for almost an hour. After that, the team reunited (following Reilly’s betrayal last week), complete with the introduction […]

GamePrep: ConsOps, 2.07

At the moment, I am so very, very far behind. In between fighting off a cold, I’m also dealing with more shrapnel from the kidney stone stuffs. Honestly, I think I’ve spent more time asleep this week than I haven’t and I still feel exhausted. Which means I haven’t done a terribly good job at […]