Game Finally Back On

Finally. This Friday, The Verge resumes after a month-long hiatus due to December just being a nightmare to schedule. Over the X-Mas holiday, several of us contracted the beer bug and with others super paranoid, we’re going to be playing entirely online using Fantasy Grounds. We did this in the early weeks of the “pandemic,” when paranoia was super high, and we’ve gotten into the habit of using FG even during the F2F game for character sheets, so this shouldn’t be that big a deal.

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Dear God, Amazon’s WoT is Crap

I have never seen a worse adaptation. It’s like the assclowns in charge are intentionally trying to make a bad show that flat out shits on the source material and then vomits a bunch of woke bullshit on top of the feces they’ve left behind. The actual main characters of the show are barely in it at all, they’re focusing entirely on someone who is called Moraine but has like 1/4 Moraine Damodred’s intelligence, wisdom and guile, and randomly throwing in as much gay shit as they can manage. Amazon so desperately wanted Game of Thrones … well, they’re getting it but its unfortunately the final season of GoT.

If there is any justice in the world, this shit will be cancelled. I’ve already ducked out and I can’t see any reason to come back.

Verge Season 2 is Live

So … we played session 1 of season 2 on Friday and it went … fairly well. Overall, I was mostly satisfied, though I’d forgotten how much cat herding is required for six players at the table; we didn’t run into as much difficulty in the game prior to this (Aces & Eights) because the loudest of my players was GMing that. And that’s not a jab at him – he’ll be the first to acknowledge that he’s the loudest. Anyway…

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1 Week Delay for Verge, Season 2

Due to a trio of absences (one of which would have been cancelled at the last minute), we’re delaying until next week … presuming I don’t get hit with another slate of sudden absences. I mean, we are approaching the Stupid Season, after all…

Still don’t feel ready. There’s one thing I need to figure out that I’ve been struggling with – hopefully should have that squared away by early next week…

Verge: Season 2 Update

Closing in on season 2 – scheduled for 24 September and I do not feel ready. Keep going back and forth with what I want to do with regards to the first adventure – I’ve finally solidified on “Yeah, I’m doing that” so now I’m racing to assemble my notes.

No pressure or anything.

I Suck As A Blogger & Prep For Next Game

Yeah. I’m pretty terrible about actually commenting on this puppy. I’ve had blogs in the past and invariably forgot about them for entirely too long.

Anyway, looks like the GURPS: Monster Hunters game is temporarily delayed as the Friday night GM (currently running Aces & Eights which is an … interesting system if a little flawed and half-baked in some places), and it currently looks like The Verge is back on deck. Because of course it is. So I’m back to doing what I can to get into that mindset, albeit with an intent to (ideally) be a bit more sandbox. The first adventure will be a little more railroady than I’d like, but there’s some setup required and I’m likely going to warn everyone beforehand. Beyond that, though, I’m going to be making a conscious effort to not be my usual GM self as I’ve got that storyteller approach which, sadly, trends toward railroad plots.

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Off Camping Again!

Yeah. I’m taking next week off, starting on Sunday. Not going as far this time – still here in Oklahoma this time – but its for an entire week. Totally need to get my head cleared.

GURPS: Monster Hunters game in the queue

So, the more I dug into the Traveller: Deepnight Revelation stuff, the more I discovered that it needed additional work. Like frankly too much of Mongoose stuff, it seems half-baked in some parts and overbaked in others. Considering I was going to have to convert it to GURPS for the Saturday group, I was getting to the point of going “Ugh…”

With that in mind, I checked with the players who agreed to do something else … which is going to be a Monster Hunters game instead. I’m currently planning on having it be something of a spiritual successor to my Red Sky game for the F2F group. Currently looking at using the Future/Perfect, Part 1 adventure for Delta Green as the first adventure, then flow into the game proper. I’ve started spinning up an Obsidian Portals for the game … there’s not much there at the moment as most of it is placeholder stuff.

But yeah, I’m really looking forward to this game!