Early mornings…

Having to come in early this week because the guy who usually mans the support email is out on vacation. And dear God, I am reminded of how much I freaking hate mornings.

Random Musings…

What do porn companies parody in a comic book universe? In this world, they do horrible parodies of comic books, but what do they do in, say, the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC one? Must admit, it would be hilarious to see a sort of crappy porn version of the Avengers in the MCU […]

Good News … I think?

Finished that problematic chapter rewrite for “Fulcrum.” Am stepping away from that for a bit to focus on some “Vorticity” rewrites in the hopes that when I read the rewritten chapter again, I won’t immediately loath it.

Ugh … Rewrites Suck

As stated earlier, I’m in the process of trying to force myself to get back into the writing groove and am really struggling with finding the words. I know roughly what I want to do, but man, it’s like pulling teeth from an angry bear or something. See, I originally used a scene I’d written […]

Florida vacay follow-up

Hmmm … so first week of September might actually work out better. In addition to it being close to my sister’s birthday (as well as one of her daughters), a friend of mine will be in Orlando … and the Gators are playing in Gainesville that week … Damn. Seriously thinking about planning for a […]

Trying to talk myself out of something …

This Monday (May 30), my mom is relocating to Florida again – she’s mired in a cycle where she gets pissed off (and pisses off) one of my sisters so she moves to near the other sister – and I already mentioned to her that I’ll have to try and provision a trip to FL […]

Trying to Get Back in the Groove

Man, it’s tough getting back into the correct mindset. I’m trying to rewrite a problematic chapter for “Fulcrum” (my completed but unpublished novel) and it’s turning out to be a lot tougher than I expected. I think what I need to do is sit down and actually outline the chapter instead of trying to just […]

Flash Season 2 Finale

Honestly? I thought it was kind of crap. Bollocks, one might say. Once again, Barry Allen is the Stupidest Man Alive. There was very little actual logic in this episode … which doesn’t surprise me because logic has been in very short supply this entire season. The final scenes seem to imply that they’re setting […]