Mon. Jan 30th, 2023

Yeah. I’ve kind of let this blog lapse into mediocrity. Will try to do better. What have I been doing? Working, trying to write, treading water … pretty much nothing major. Looking at the date of my last entry … whoa, buddy. 2006! And I was bitching about X3! There have been two (superior) X-movies to come out since then, not to mention the explosion of the awesome Marvel movie franchise (spoiler alert: Captain America: Civil War was freaking amazing. It was everything Batman vs Superman wasn’t, namely … it was a good movie, something BvS most definitely was not.)

Let’s see, I’ve changed jobs like twice since that post, moved probably three times (maybe four), but beyond that, not a lot has changed.


So, while I don’t have a lot of “life events” to discuss or gripe about or that sort of thing, I’ll still try to actually post thoughts and the like here.

In regards to the entertainment landscape, everything has changed. It is an awesome time to be a comic’s book fan. There is Batman with a Bow, the Flash, Agents of SHIELD, and that doesn’t even take into account the awesome Marvel stuff on Netflix.

Since I’m starting mostly from scratch on this blog, I went ahead and removed everything that was previously here. In terms of likes and dislikes, I’ve changed quite a bit … and I really have no interest in rehashing a lot of that ground.