Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

So, there’s this

On one hand, a course correction is drastically, drastically needed. They could start by delaying Justice League and flat out firing Snyder who so atrociously ruined both Batman and Superman in that “Dawn of Bullshit” mess.

Even if they did that, though, I honestly don’t know how they can recover from the disaster that was that movie. Neither of the iconic characters were anywhere remotely close to being heroic in any fashion, Batman – the Batman, who desperately does not want anyone else to die – was a flat-out mass murderer, Superman was an empty suit who appeared only interested in rescuing Lois from increasingly stupid moments of peril, and the only flash of cool was when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman showed up to fight that CG cave troll (and even that was mostly tainted with the earlier flirting between her and Murderman.)

The sad part is: they’ve got some very good actors! Henry Cavill was born to play Supes and he was excellent on The Tudors … but so far, in both Man of Steel and Murderman v Mopeyman: Twilight of Mediocrity (or whatever the hell its actual name was), the director (Snyder) simply hasn’t even let him smile while in the fricking suit. No, he just furrows his brow or mopes and then destroys some more property. And as much as I’m not a big fan of Affleck, his Bruce Wayne was pretty good (way better than his Murderman.)

So how do you course correct from these messes? It’ll be interesting to see if they can … although to be fair, I’m mostly indifferent toward the DCEU right now. Hell, I’m indifferent toward the comics too since they’re pulling this soft reboot bullshit with “Rebirth” and ending the best thing that’s happened to DC in years, namely Superman/Wonder Woman. I maintain they were expecting Murderman v Mopeyman to do gangbusters and were rushing the old, tired, boring Lois/Clark relationship back to the forefront to ride the movie’s coat-tails. How’s that working out for you, DC? Enjoy being number 2 … or number 3 if Dark Horse starts kicking your ass too.

And, in other news, NCIS evidently killed off Ziva David off fucking screen and went the inane bad fanfiction route by having her been concealing a kid she had with DiNozzo. Ugh. I can’t believe I wasted as much time as I did on that shit – Cote de Pablo refused to come back for this episode, despite still loving the character and being good friends with Michael Weatherly, and frankly … she was one hundred percent right to do so. Now that both she and Weatherly are gone, I hope that show craters so hard that certain “creative” jobs are lost. It won’t happen, of course, because people are entertained by mediocrity these days, but I can wish.