Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Was glancing over my Facebook page today and I could not help but to notice how drastically I’ve reduced my presence over there and how rarely I seem to actually post politically-slanted things anymore. That got me to wondering: why? Why have I tuned out of so much stuff – the news, the entertainment sector, hell even the radio – and whether that says something about my mental state (maybe? Probably) or if it just says more about the state of the culture?

So here’s my thinking: I’ve grown increasingly tired of being lectured to by those on the left as I’ve grown older. Suddenly, wrong is right, up is down, men are women and so on. This … offends my sensibilities which I will freely admit are a lot more right of center than most, less so because of what they’re saying than how they’re doing things. What’s that? Your mom and pop cake shop doesn’t want to do a gay wedding cake? Well, instead of going somewhere else and maybe giving them a crappy review online or on Yelp or something, people want to destroy that shop. What the hell, man? Suddenly, we’re having to deal with legislation about transgender types – who are what? One half of one percent of the population at most? – in regards to what kind of freaking bathroom they can us … in elementary schools. And so on. Should you dare disagree with the latest lib cause celeb, you’re automatically branded a racist or sexist or bigot or homophobe or whatever.

Which has had the result of me just unplugging and tuning out. I would rather find something that makes me laugh or smile than deal with yet another lecture about how America is evil or racist or sexist or whatever. Hell, I can’t even watch the fucking NFL anymore without getting this crap shoved in my face.* I don’t care about that gay black guy (Michael Sam, I think?) and his trials as a gay black guy – I want to watch freaking football, not listen to a pointy-headed, not-as-smart-as-he-thinks broadcaster guy telling me that its a tragedy this gay black guy got cut from the team because it shows … something. Pretty sure he got cut from the team because he wasn’t good enough. There are plenty of straight black guys and straight white guys and straight hispanic guys (and so on) who also got cut ’cause they weren’t good enough.

All of this makes me wonder: how many other people are there like me? How many people have just said ‘you know what? Screw this crap. I’m going to go watch reruns of the A-Team or have a beer or something?’ Like I said earlier this week, I have five shows I’m kind of/sort of watching – I still haven’t gotten around to watching this week’s Flash – so I’d love to see some numbers about how many other people there are out there like me…

* This reminds me: I have a brilliant idea for a new NFL channel but the talking heads would fight it tooth and nail. The idea? Air the game and the local audio. That means no booth guys chattering on about how so-and-so hasn’t thrown an interception in nine games or how the running back is a transgender African cyborg, or how the kicker is actually a mannish-looking woman. Just pipe in the stadium’s sounds so we can hear the announcers at the stadium and the refs when the announce penalties. But nothing else. Man, that would be fricking glorious.