Ugh. “Jane” Bond.

A Female James Bond Is Getting Closer and Closer to Reality

Why are SJWers so fraking obsessed with transforming existing characters like this? Here’s a whacky thought: create a new character and use that. Don’t twist existing characters like this? Its the same kind of nonsense I see about how a tiny segment of the population who want certain characters to suddenly become gay (I’ve seen people clamoring for Captain America to suddenly have a boyfriend, for example, which is fucking stupid.)

Create your own freaking characters, dammit. Stop screwing with existing characters! It isn’t that hard, dammit.

Bring on the alien extinction event, man.


You know how everyone always complains about how badly Mondays suck? For me, Tuesday is the real bastard. Every week, I struggle with getting up on time come Tuesday a.m.

And … ugh. Just remembered that next week I’ll be in to work early so I can cover for one of my co-workers who is going on a much deserved vacation. I hate getting up in the morning. Yuck.

Sunburns suck

Made a terrible, horrible mistake yesterday while driving back from Missouri. It was a beautiful day in Misery and in Kansas (less so in OK; shortly after I crossed the state border, ugly clouds rolled in) and I wanted to feel the wind in my hair so I had my windows down. And my left arm on the door.

In short sleeves.

Ugh. I should have known better.

Mission Accomplished

Back from my day trip to visit the family. While my mom & my baby sister are probably still pissd off at each, they at least spent most of yesterday pretending that they weren’t for my benefit. So … huzzah?

Next mission on the horizon is personal evaluation. Need to lose weight, get more active, as well as plan for some sort of vacation that actually requires me to do some travel (preferably not in the car as I was once again reminded how much I dislike long car trips. I always forget that when I’m about to go some where…)

Now … I desperately, desperately need a shower.

Musings and Avoidance Technique

Was glancing over my Facebook page today and I could not help but to notice how drastically I’ve reduced my presence over there and how rarely I seem to actually post politically-slanted things anymore. That got me to wondering: why? Why have I tuned out of so much stuff – the news, the entertainment sector, hell even the radio – and whether that says something about my mental state (maybe? Probably) or if it just says more about the state of the culture?

So here’s my thinking: I’ve grown increasingly tired of being lectured to by those on the left as I’ve grown older. Suddenly, wrong is right, up is down, men are women and so on. This … offends my sensibilities which I will freely admit are a lot more right of center than most, less so because of what they’re saying than how they’re doing things. What’s that? Your mom and pop cake shop doesn’t want to do a gay wedding cake? Well, instead of going somewhere else and maybe giving them a crappy review online or on Yelp or something, people want to destroy that shop. What the hell, man? Suddenly, we’re having to deal with legislation about transgender types – who are what? One half of one percent of the population at most? – in regards to what kind of freaking bathroom they can us … in elementary schools. And so on. Should you dare disagree with the latest lib cause celeb, you’re automatically branded a racist or sexist or bigot or homophobe or whatever.

Which has had the result of me just unplugging and tuning out. I would rather find something that makes me laugh or smile than deal with yet another lecture about how America is evil or racist or sexist or whatever. Hell, I can’t even watch the fucking NFL anymore without getting this crap shoved in my face.* I don’t care about that gay black guy (Michael Sam, I think?) and his trials as a gay black guy – I want to watch freaking football, not listen to a pointy-headed, not-as-smart-as-he-thinks broadcaster guy telling me that its a tragedy this gay black guy got cut from the team because it shows … something. Pretty sure he got cut from the team because he wasn’t good enough. There are plenty of straight black guys and straight white guys and straight hispanic guys (and so on) who also got cut ’cause they weren’t good enough.

All of this makes me wonder: how many other people are there like me? How many people have just said ‘you know what? Screw this crap. I’m going to go watch reruns of the A-Team or have a beer or something?’ Like I said earlier this week, I have five shows I’m kind of/sort of watching – I still haven’t gotten around to watching this week’s Flash – so I’d love to see some numbers about how many other people there are out there like me…

* This reminds me: I have a brilliant idea for a new NFL channel but the talking heads would fight it tooth and nail. The idea? Air the game and the local audio. That means no booth guys chattering on about how so-and-so hasn’t thrown an interception in nine games or how the running back is a transgender African cyborg, or how the kicker is actually a mannish-looking woman. Just pipe in the stadium’s sounds so we can hear the announcers at the stadium and the refs when the announce penalties. But nothing else. Man, that would be fricking glorious.

The Stupid Season

So … the NRA just endorsed Trump. Well, I guess there’s no way in hell that they could endorse the criminal, Clinton or that lunatic, Sanders, but Trump … NRA guys, he is not your ally. He will say whatever he needs to in order to get elected.

I’m … forty-something and this is the first time since I’ve been eligible to vote that I am actively hostile to both major parties. Sure, it’s no surprise that I’ve refused to vote for the communist … er … socialist … uh … Democrats ever, but even when I’ve loathed the candidate, I’ve been able to hold my nose and vote Republican (see Bush, McCain, Romney.) This year … this year I honestly my vote third party.

Fundamentally transformed … congrats, Obama. You got your wish in that regard. The rest of you? Buckle up. The Age of Suckage is truly beginning…


…if someone thinks the new Ghostbusters reboot trailer still makes this movie look like a steaming pile of fecal matter, that makes one a misogynist. Meh … whatever. Enjoy failing, you idiots. No one asked for this movie. The only people who are going to watch it are the hardcore feminazi types because everyone else – everyone! – is looking at that rancid pile of dung and seeing it exactly for what it is.

As to be a misogynist … nah. I’m a misanthrope. I hate both genders equally. Humans in general suck.

Television and Standards

Have been giving consideration to amount of time (or really, the lack thereof these days) I spend watching television and I’ve started to notice a couple of things. Evidently, I have astronomically high standards in terms of the shows I watch. This year, I can literally count on one hand the number of new shows I tuned into* and, on that same hand, I can also add the shows I continued to watch and like.** Needless to say, it is an abysmally low number for all of the options available.

The biggest thing that turns me off of a television show is stupidity. Not in “oh, God, this guy is such a fucking idiot” kind of stupid – Justified had some seriously dumb characters on it (Dewey Crowe, I’m thinking of you!) but the actual writing of the show wasn’t stupid (in fact, it was the definite opposite of stupid; Justified had some of the smartest writing for a show I’ve ever seen and I miss it quite a bit.) So I require my entertainment to not repeatedly insult my intelligence by having otherwise smart characters repeatedly do stupid things. This is probably one of the reasons I ended up tuning out of NCIS (as the characters were progressively twisted and bent out of shape; this is especially true for the real stars of the show, DiNozzo (who was consistently written as a complete moron, despite multiple seasons beforehand that showed he was actually quite good at his job) and Ziva (who the showrunners seemed to hate, as shown by their inane decision to kill her off in a stupid, senseless way off screen; no wonder Cote de Pablo walked away from that crap) and why season 2 of Sleepy Hollow was such a disaster after an amazing first season I tuned completely out after the second or third ep. It is why season 2 of Flash has sucked so very, very hard. Don’t tell me that a character is intelligent, show me, because when a “smart guy” keeps doing stupid shit, I no longer consider him a “smart guy.”

Interestingly, Game of Thrones is on my list of “don’t care, don’t watch” although not for the above reasons. I dropped that show at pretty much the same point I dropped the books (right around the Red Wedding) because I frankly loath most of the characters. I ran into this with the new Battlestar Galactica as well – the characters are not necessarily stupid or anything; I just want them all to die in a fire. Everything they do is in-character for them, but … see before-mentioned “die in a fire” remark.

So what does a person do in this case? I’ve tried “lowering my standards” so as to watch a show, but … I can’t. And dammit, I shouldn’t have to. Surely somewhere, there’s an intelligently written show that doesn’t insult me. Surely? Please?

* – It was The Expanse on SyFy, by the way, and I originally tuned it just because I was dying for some good science fiction. I have since read most of the books the series is based on and am (impatiently) waiting for season 2.

** – Watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which was … okay, I guess. Not super great but straddling that line of “time to move on” and “I think I can stomach one more episode.” As stated above, Flash has kind of sucked this year – Barry consistently makes stupid decisions for the purposes of the plot – and I’m struggling with disinterest when it comes to catching up. Orphan Black is also still holding my interest, although I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that was mostly due to Tatiana Maslany being able to just disappear into these different characters so well that I have to remind myself they aren’t being portrayed by different characters. If Netflix counts, then I watched Daredevil, season 2, and mostly enjoyed it.

Getting Back Into the Groove…

Reread what I’ve got written for Vorticity – happily, it does not suck like I’d feared although now I am trying to make myself get back to writing on it. I actually have a lot more of it done than I’d expected – I’m over 70K on it and its still definitely not done yet; at this point, I feel like I need to start culling some stuff … 85K would be a good size, but I’ve got 20 (planned) chapters left and none of them really feel like stuff that needs to go. I suppose I should just say “Frak it” and work on it until I’m done, then look to see what can go and what can stay …

Related problem: next month (June), I should be restarting my GURPS: Casus Belli game – characters are (mostly) Celtic types in 5th Century Wales as Arthur rises; it is nominally set in my GURPS: Red Sky universe, which is also set in the Dresden Files universe – and that does require a lot of mental bandwidth on my part since I’m not a seat-of-the-pants GM (or writer, really.) Hence the difficulty…

Ah, First World problems…

Murderman v Mopeyman Fallout

So, there’s this

On one hand, a course correction is drastically, drastically needed. They could start by delaying Justice League and flat out firing Snyder who so atrociously ruined both Batman and Superman in that “Dawn of Bullshit” mess.

Even if they did that, though, I honestly don’t know how they can recover from the disaster that was that movie. Neither of the iconic characters were anywhere remotely close to being heroic in any fashion, Batman – the Batman, who desperately does not want anyone else to die – was a flat-out mass murderer, Superman was an empty suit who appeared only interested in rescuing Lois from increasingly stupid moments of peril, and the only flash of cool was when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman showed up to fight that CG cave troll (and even that was mostly tainted with the earlier flirting between her and Murderman.)

The sad part is: they’ve got some very good actors! Henry Cavill was born to play Supes and he was excellent on The Tudors … but so far, in both Man of Steel and Murderman v Mopeyman: Twilight of Mediocrity (or whatever the hell its actual name was), the director (Snyder) simply hasn’t even let him smile while in the fricking suit. No, he just furrows his brow or mopes and then destroys some more property. And as much as I’m not a big fan of Affleck, his Bruce Wayne was pretty good (way better than his Murderman.)

So how do you course correct from these messes? It’ll be interesting to see if they can … although to be fair, I’m mostly indifferent toward the DCEU right now. Hell, I’m indifferent toward the comics too since they’re pulling this soft reboot bullshit with “Rebirth” and ending the best thing that’s happened to DC in years, namely Superman/Wonder Woman. I maintain they were expecting Murderman v Mopeyman to do gangbusters and were rushing the old, tired, boring Lois/Clark relationship back to the forefront to ride the movie’s coat-tails. How’s that working out for you, DC? Enjoy being number 2 … or number 3 if Dark Horse starts kicking your ass too.

And, in other news, NCIS evidently killed off Ziva David off fucking screen and went the inane bad fanfiction route by having her been concealing a kid she had with DiNozzo. Ugh. I can’t believe I wasted as much time as I did on that shit – Cote de Pablo refused to come back for this episode, despite still loving the character and being good friends with Michael Weatherly, and frankly … she was one hundred percent right to do so. Now that both she and Weatherly are gone, I hope that show craters so hard that certain “creative” jobs are lost. It won’t happen, of course, because people are entertained by mediocrity these days, but I can wish.