Interesting Video

Interesting video: Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? | Skills with Phil

Honestly, as someone who has bought a Wal-Mart bike (or three), I’m not sure why this is such a surprise. Of course they’re not as good as the $1000 bike. Anyone surprised by that is an idiot. That said, not all of us have $1000 to drop on a bike so we end up spending $200 on a much cheaper one. Duh.

Speaking of … I need to get my bike fixed so I can start riding it to and from work again…

Right. Need to blog

Honestly, I dunno how “professional bloggers” are able to do it. I’ve missed what? Three days? And it never really occurred to me that I was missing them. It’s that whole Office Space thing – “I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing them, Bob.”

Right. Thoughts. More “Religion of Peace” attacks, this time in Turkey. Seriously, just exterminate these cockroaches. The more we do the “Oh, its just this small minority who are contorting a peaceful religion …” the more this kind of shit is going to happen. Read the Koran, people. Islam is not a religion of Peace. They are in desperate need of Reformation or maybe a New Testament entirely. And that’s coming from someone who is as agnostic as they come.

Murderman v Mopeyman ultimate edition came out … and I have zero interest in actually watching. Which, as a Superman fan, just depresses the snot out of me. Suicide Squad is up next from DC and I’m not actually planning on watching that in the theater (because it doesn’t interest me) although I am vaguely looking forward to Wonder Woman … until I find out that Murderman … er … “Batman” is going to be in it at which point I will throw up my hands in disgust.

Next couple of installments of GURPS: Casus Belli are gelling for me. Got a pretty solid idea about what happens this Saturday as well as a fairly firm grasp on the week afterward (depending on what the PCs do Saturday.)

Also, watched Deadpool again last night and, once again, loved it.

Casus Belli, Season 2

Using Fantasy Grounds 2. Session went pretty well and I learned more than a handful of neat tricks, not the least of which being the capability to record a TeamSpeak session … and man, I do not sound like I thought I did. Fricking bizarre.
Thought I did not have quite enough planned for the session but ending up skipping an entire fight for time because the first actual fight took a lot longer than expected. This was the “second neat trick” that I learned – I can share NPCs with select players so they can help me run the characters. Awesome.
So, overall, I’d consider it a success with a couple of places that need improvement. 


So, today begins Casus Belli, season 2. I’m only partially ready. Which really means I’m ready, I’m just not enthusiastic about running a game.

Anyway, weighed myself after morning exercise (which still consists of walking 3 miles and doing some situps. Need to change that up, dammit!) and hey, I’m down almost 11 pounds. Sure, that’s immediately post workout so it means very little but I’ll take what I can get!

New Soundtracks

After listening to them on YouTube, I went ahead and purchased both soundtracks for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (still the best Marvel movie made) and Captain America: Civil War (the second best Marvel movie.)

And it makes me wonder all over again: how is it that Marvel actually gets Cap while DC actively seems embarrassed over Superman? Seriously, Cap feels more like Supes did in any of his movies (or the two Avengers ones) that Supes did during either Man of Steel or Mopeyman vs Murderman.

No wonder DC is having to do a major reset with their “Batman and his Less Than Super Friends” movie they’re calling Justice League…


Interesting times ahead. When I went to bed last night, Remain was ahead. Imagine my surprise when I got up this a.m. As someone who does not entirely grok the vagaries of the English government or the European Union, I can only say that I’m not too terribly surprised. If the EU leadership is anywhere half as corrupt and incompetently tone-deaf as the Americans, it makes perfect sense for a considerable portion of the population to want out of it.

And from what I do understand, it is definitely a “no taxation without representation” kind of thing with EU taxes being mandated on British citizens without them ever having a say in the matter. That sounds vaguely familiar for some reason…

Battlefront: Twilight Company

Just finished reading Battlefront: Twilight Company, which is a Star Wars tie-in novel based on the Battlefront video game and … wow. This was a surprisingly good book, especially for a video game tie-in. It was tense, brutal, violent and really showed what the actual war would be like. Very cool book.