Interesting Video

Interesting video: Will a Walmart Huffy survive a Downhill Mountain Bike Trail? | Skills with Phil Honestly, as someone who has bought a Wal-Mart bike (or three), I’m not sure why this is such a surprise. Of course they’re not as good as the $1000 bike. Anyone surprised by that is an idiot. That said, […]


Well stated. Greg Gutfeld: Brexit’s babies – Why the Leavers won and the losers can’t stop crying I haven’t really posted much about this because, as an American, I simply don’t have the knowledge base to declare whether this is truly a good thing or a bad one. Given the political leanings of most of […]

Right. Need to blog

Honestly, I dunno how “professional bloggers” are able to do it. I’ve missed what? Three days? And it never really occurred to me that I was missing them. It’s that whole Office Space thing – “I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing them, Bob.” Right. Thoughts. More “Religion of Peace” attacks, this time in Turkey. Seriously, […]

Casus Belli, Season 2

Using Fantasy Grounds 2. Session went pretty well and I learned more than a handful of neat tricks, not the least of which being the capability to record a TeamSpeak session … and man, I do not sound like I thought I did. Fricking bizarre. Thought I did not have quite enough planned for the […]


So, today begins Casus Belli, season 2. I’m only partially ready. Which really means I’m ready, I’m just not enthusiastic about running a game. Anyway, weighed myself after morning exercise (which still consists of walking 3 miles and doing some situps. Need to change that up, dammit!) and hey, I’m down almost 11 pounds. Sure, […]

New Soundtracks

After listening to them on YouTube, I went ahead and purchased both soundtracks for Captain America: The Winter Soldier (still the best Marvel movie made) and Captain America: Civil War (the second best Marvel movie.) And it makes me wonder all over again: how is it that Marvel actually gets Cap while DC actively seems […]


Interesting times ahead. When I went to bed last night, Remain was ahead. Imagine my surprise when I got up this a.m. As someone who does not entirely grok the vagaries of the English government or the European Union, I can only say that I’m not too terribly surprised. If the EU leadership is anywhere […]

Battlefront: Twilight Company

Just finished reading Battlefront: Twilight Company, which is a Star Wars tie-in novel based on the Battlefront video game and … wow. This was a surprisingly good book, especially for a video game tie-in. It was tense, brutal, violent and really showed what the actual war would be like. Very cool book.