Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Honestly, I dunno how “professional bloggers” are able to do it. I’ve missed what? Three days? And it never really occurred to me that I was missing them. It’s that whole Office Space thing – “I wouldn’t say I’ve been missing them, Bob.”

Right. Thoughts. More “Religion of Peace” attacks, this time in Turkey. Seriously, just exterminate these cockroaches. The more we do the “Oh, its just this small minority who are contorting a peaceful religion …” the more this kind of shit is going to happen. Read the Koran, people. Islam is not a religion of Peace. They are in desperate need of Reformation or maybe a New Testament entirely. And that’s coming from someone who is as agnostic as they come.

Murderman v Mopeyman ultimate edition came out … and I have zero interest in actually watching. Which, as a Superman fan, just depresses the snot out of me. Suicide Squad is up next from DC and I’m not actually planning on watching that in the theater (because it doesn’t interest me) although I am vaguely looking forward to Wonder Woman … until I find out that Murderman … er … “Batman” is going to be in it at which point I will throw up my hands in disgust.

Next couple of installments of GURPS: Casus Belli are gelling for me. Got a pretty solid idea about what happens this Saturday as well as a fairly firm grasp on the week afterward (depending on what the PCs do Saturday.)

Also, watched Deadpool again last night and, once again, loved it.