Justice League

JL Set Visit

So … this is pretty much a rehash of the Justice League cartoon, which might as well have been “Batman and his Less Than Super Friends.” My interest in this movie has seriously waned … although, to be fair, Murderman vs Mopeyman kind of ruined that for me in the first place…

Rewatching “The Force Awakens”

I have to admit, this movie is better than I recall. Pretty much all of my issues with it just seem like nitpicking and Kylo Ren doesn’t seem to be as bad as I remember. His comment to that officer reporting about Rey and Finn and BB-8 escaping makes me laugh. “The droid … stole a freighter?” That has such a WTF are you talking about feel to that.

Interestingly enough, I noticed this time that Rey’s knowledge about the Falcon is entirely due to the modifications made to it on Jakku that Han was unaware of. They actually call this out a couple of times in a way that made sense…

And man, Daisy Ridley … I can’t look away from her when she’s on the screen…

Weight Loss, End of Week 2

Upped the exercise routine slightly – added sit-ups and managed 60 of the bastards in 10 set intervals. Still haven’t started running though. Yesterday was bad in terms of calories; I was still under my cap, but it was still too high. Still, with the portion control and exercise, I am seeing results: down 8 lbs as of my most recent weigh-in.

Kind of neat: since I cut out the soda entirely and have drastically increased my water intake, I am seeing a significant increase in energy and my sleep patterns ahve greatly improved. I no longer have (as much) trouble getting up on time and am going to be trying do the Army morning routine at some point in the near future.

Casus Belli Ruminations

Well, one player down. He won’t be able to join us because he’s running his own game on Saturdays, which thankfully, is easily handled. That player was running a potential problem child PC – a fairly high-ranking Churchman (which is problematic in and of itself) currently being swayed to darkness by an unbound Fae – but fortunately, he penned a letter to the Holy See during the previous run of the game so its easy enough to have him be summoned to Rome. If the player never returns, well, that works out nicely too because then the unbound Fae can corrupt other members of the Church and explain why they turned into such douchebags during the Middle Ages. Of course, that complicates the character’s ultimate fate – I’d established in my Friday “Dresden Files” game (that exists in this same universe) that the would-be druid PC (who has recently started to learn how to cast spells) will ultimately kill the priest PC after said priest embraces the “Dark Side” … but I never said when.

The Last Kingdom

So, in my continuing preparation for Casus Belli, I purchased and watched “The Last Kingdom” which aired on BBCA recently. It was pretty decent (apart from some occasional shoddy CGI work in wide army shots) and definitely gives me some ideas. Its also about 4 centuries too late which makes me wish they would have done The Warlord Chronicles instead since that at least is the right era.

Alas. Nothing for my 5th Century England needs apart from that atrocious King Arthur movie with Clive Owen.

Weight Loss, Day 13

Down 6.4 lbs, so that’s a positive. Also, the 3 mile track (well, the two laps of 1.5 miles each) is no longer kicking my ass quite as bad as before, so that’s another positive. And, since I want to remain positive today, there are a handful of attractive, super fit women who seem to live on that track (or at least have similar schedules to mine.) Granted, they’re constantly lapping me, but early days, right? Plus, I ate waaaaay too little yesterday – don’t think I even made my 1200 calories for the day – but whatever.

Good vibes.