I’m A Terrible Blogger

Seriously. I guess it says something about how utterly uninteresting my life is that I forget to remark on it for long periods of time. What did I do yesterday? I worked, then I went home and played Dragon Age: Inquisition. The day before that … I did exactly the same thing. Today, I expect I’ll do it again as well.

Right now, there’s nothing on television that interests me. I look at what is in theaters and am unmoved. Latest nuTrek movie? I’ll catch it on HBO in a couple of weeks. Jason Bourne comes out this week and my immediate response is why? What is left of his story? The 3rd Bourne flick was not as good as the second one, but at least it ended on a nice bookend, with Bourne once more floating in the water but now having reclaimed his life. Knowing that the director, Paul Greengrass, is a hardcore lefty, I fully expect this latest movie will be yet another anti-America screed disguised as a cool action movie. And Ghostbusters? No. Not no, but hell fuck no. I have zero interest in that crap and that’s not because I hate women or something. It just looks like crap and all of the reviews I’ve read or see convince me that yeah, it’s crap.

Haven’t been on the bike as much as I would like. Intended to go on Monday but … didn’t, then it rained real bad and has been threatening to rain more all week. Really, really need to just join a gym instead of putting that off.

So that’s me in a nutshell. Boring and bored.

Note that I did not bother mentioning the American election. IMHO, we’re pretty much screwed regardless of which petty tyrant gets into the office.