Fitness Progress

Just shy of 14 miles on the bike this a.m. Was glorious weather for it, but someone kept putting hills in my way when I was heading back to the car that I don’t recall being there before. Shooting for 16-20 miles tomorrow. Huzzah.

According to MyFitnessPal, I’m down 15.6 lbs in the 41 days since I started tracking it. Not bad, I guess although I don’t see it. Am certainly sleeping better, I must admit, and am generally more energetic, but still don’t have to throw out my clothes and buy a new wardrobe yet. Dammit.

Slow and steady, man. Slow and steady.

Biking to Work

So, this week (except today), I’ve ridden my bike to and from work. It’s not far, just over a mile and a half, I think, unless I make an effort to lengthen it at which point I can get it to over two miles. The problem with this is arriving at work sweaty … and Oklahoma drivers. Seriously, I don’t know whether people are just assholes or oblivious to everything, but man, I think I’ve had like three near misses in as many days.

Today, I just put the bike on the car and drove in. After work, I’ll drive over to that 7 mile river trail in downtown OKC and maybe do it twice … or just once, depending on whether it thoroughly kicks my ass, which is always a given at this stage. Also providing it doesn’t rain which my phone thing says 55% of … which is what? It’ll probably rain, maybe not?

I do wish I lived closer to someplace with really good biking trails or at least the route to work was a bit more bike friendly…

Phone Apps

I guess I should feel at least a little adulty – while everyone online seems to be going bonkers and downloading that Pokemon game, only thing I’ve put on my phone lately is MapMyRide and MyFitnessPal…

Just do not get this Pokemon thing at all…


So, that sunburn on my shoulders I think I mentioned yesterday? A bit more painful than I expected. Having trouble actually sleeping because of it – for whatever reason, I simply cannot sleep on my stomach which would have resolved this. I shouldn’t have been surprised, not with how pale that bit of skin was prior to the sun … but ouch. Just … ouch.

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Sweet! I ordered this from Amazon and it came in today. I think this is one of the only Heinlein books I haven’t read – as a self-declared Kindle snob, I’m still irked it isn’t available for that so I’m having to rely on the dead tree version.

Random Status Updates

Went biking this weekend with the fixed road bike … and yeah. My arms are seriously burned. Sunday made it worse cause I intentionally sought out a shirt with exposed arms. Sadly, the darned sunscreen I applied didn’t seem to do a whole lot. Which makes me think that it would be even worse if I hadn’t applied the sunscreen.

Session 2×03 of Casus Belli went well on Saturday, albeit not exactly how I expected. Recap is here.

Also, did a major “cleaning” of my apartment in another attempt to “get my head right” – not entirely done; I have to clean out the dresser which has sort of turned into a second junk storage instead of for clothes, but I did find my old Kindle that I’d thought I lost. Despite having a Fire, I promptly charged the old one up and re-registered it. The Fire … I just don’t like it as much, probably cause its a tablet so the screen doesn’t have that cool “Paperwhite” tech which I frankly kind of love.

In weight news, after Sunday’s bike ride and the shower afterward, I weighed myself and am down 18 lbs from when I started this whackiness. Which is awesome, but still not good enough. Buddy of mine is down 60 lbs from portion control alone – I’m doing that and exercise. Ideally, I’d love to hit 200 again cause that would be awesome.

And in other news, it looks like the US is poised on a race war kicking off. Fantastic. We’ve been “fundamentally transformed.” Ugh.


Been trying to formulate my thoughts on this Dallas situation ever since I heard about it and I keep coming back to “Not surprising.” The way the rhetoric has ramped up, especially from the POTUS, about how American cops are racist, bigoted, and evil, I must admit that I’ve been expecting something like this for a while even as I hoped cooler heads would prevail. But alas, the current POTUS is, at heart, just a community agitator … er … “organizer” so he’s been throwing nitroglycerin onto a simmering campfire. I fear things are going to get a lot worse, especially if Shillary gets elected (and then, God help us all.)

New Knife

Picked this thing up because my normal knife – Benchmade 800, I think – always seems to freak people out when I pull it out the pocket and flip it open. Bunch of wusses, if you ask me. I love the Benchmade knife but can’t keep the damned thing sharp and, as I’ve discovered online, that’s a problem with this kind.

Anyway, new knife is a Gerber EVO … and it is a lot smaller than I expected. Might have to big a large instead of a mid, just to get a decent blade size. You know, for the alien/zombie apocalypse…

Shillary and the Emails

Did not post my reaction yesterday to FBI Director Comey’s decision to not recommend indictment against Clinton because, quite frankly, I was furious. I still am, actually, but I’ve at least calmed down a little bit. The blatant corruption of everything going on here is insane. If you read or listen to Comey’s announcement, the decision to not recommend charges flatly goes against everything he said beforehand – I know people with security clearances and if they did even an 1/8th of the shit that Clinton did here, they’d be done and in jail. But instead, this … person gets off without even a fucking slap on the wrist and might very well become the next POTUS.

Fuck this. Rocks fall. Everyone dies. That’s what I’m hoping for.