I am trying very, very hard not to lose my freaking temper with work. As the only actual QA person, that means I am persistently overloaded with crap that has to be done RIGHT NOW!!!!! but it just gets worse as a project nears completion. Right now, I feel like the guy in Office Space […]

Biking, Weight Loss and Gaming

Managed 26 miles on the bike yesterday and, if I’d really wanted to, I think I could have managed 30. Will probably try for that this coming weekend. Of course, with September coming up, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do once winter arrives … guess I will have to stop with the […]

Roadside Assistance

Used my insurance’s “roadside assistance” for the first time today. Didn’t even realize I was paying for that. Had a flat tire and could NOT break one of the lug nuts free. The dude who showed up had trouble himself. Considering my car will be paid off in December and I’ve had this insurance for […]

The Perils of Procrastination

I’ve needed to get my front driver side tire replaced for like 3 weeks now due to a slow leak and have kept putting it off or forgetting about it. Today, as I was leaving work, I heard a loud hiss and, by the time I’d backed into a decent spot, not only was the […]

NFL Sunday

What have I done today? Nothing. Well, nothing except watch football all day on the NFL channel. Am hoping this is the season where I can come back to the game instead of wanting to just turn off the tube. I still maintain that my idea for a football channel where all you hear is […]

Tron: Legacy

Rewatched this movie last night and … yeah. Still rather enjoyed it. The soundtrack by Daft Punk definitely helps as does how unbelievably gorgeous Olivia Wilde is as Quorra.