Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Managed 26 miles on the bike yesterday and, if I’d really wanted to, I think I could have managed 30. Will probably try for that this coming weekend. Of course, with September coming up, I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do once winter arrives … guess I will have to stop with the procrastination and join a gym.

Related, my weight is currently down 27 lbs following said ride (so how much of that is lost water due to sweating, I can’t quite say) which is pretty good since today is Day 78 of the “eat less, exercise more” regimen that has been paying off at least a few dividends. I don’t personally think I look thinner but I am having to tighten my belt on my pants, so I guess I have lost a bit,

On Saturday, I ran the ninth installment of “Casus Belli” season 2, which is two more than I ran last time we played this campaign. Recap is here. I’d planned for 12 sessions but right now, I’m thinking we may go a little longer, in which case I’d really like to do 14 which would literally double the length of season 2. The coming session is going to be a bit combat heavy and there is a serious bad ass (a “level boss!”) waiting at the end of their pseudo-dungeon crawl who will very likely kick quite a bit of ass. I’m not targeting any characters specifically but I probably will completely take the safeties off because this dude is supposed to be a bad ass.

We’ll see, I guess.