GURPS: Mass Effect, Part Five

What about equipment though? Some of the ME stuff is definitely out there. My thinking along these lines is to keep it simple: “Omnitools” are just TL10 (?) wearable computers with holographic displays and the appropriate computer programs loaded in. So a hacker would have intrusion stuff, an engineer would have building stuff, a physician […]

GURPS: Mass Effect, Part Four

As stated, my original thinking was to start with the PCs on a ship about to crash. Following that line of thought, this is what I’m thinking the initial story arc would be: Begin in media res. All PCs at different locations on an Alliance ship that is going down! They must get to the nearest […]

Luke Cage on Netflix

It dropped today so I expect my weekend is mostly locked. I fully expect to enjoy the show – Netflix has been killing it with their Marvel properties: DD s1 was great, JJ was good (if admittedly so dark that I’m actually not interested in watching it again), and DD s2 was fricking awesome with […]

GURPS: Mass Effect, Part Three

Continuing my “thinking out loud” process here, I want to turn to characters. Now, the initial plan was to being in media res with the PCs aboard a crashing starship, which sort of indicates that they would start out in the same unit. However, what I’m currently thinking is that they don’t know each other […]

GURPS: Mass Effect, Part Deux

Some interesting ideas have sort of materialized with regards to this game concept. In short: What if the game is initially set before the first Mass Effect and then ends the initial run with the PCs arriving at Eden Prime? This would hint at an offscreen TPK (total party kill) caused by the arrival of […]

Days Like This

I freaking hate them. I’m in a foul mood and not up for dealing with anyone today, which is bad enough but given that I can find no discernible reason for my foul mood, it’s even worse. Slept well enough – went to bed a lot later than I should have, but that’s not a […]

Withdrawing from Twitter

Logged out of that platform this morning. The more I read about the business practices of Twitter, the less I like it and honestly, it doesn’t accomplish anything for me. I already waste too much time online in a day as it is, so this is my first step in reclaiming myself from the sewer […]


Finished out Mass Effect 1 last night and it occurred to me that a lot of the problems that Shepard experiences in this game could have been resolved if the ultra tech society that has folding up weapons, the capability to dissolve pretty much any bit of equipment into “omni-gel”, and easily portable “virtual intelligences” […]

Work Amusement

In my office, I have several windows that look out over another office area. There is a No Smoking within 25 feet sign and a lady in that business is always right next to it when she ducks out for a smoke. Seems impossible for her to not to be aware of that signage. It’s […]

GURPS: Mass Effect

Started replaying Mass Effect last week, this time on the desktop. Really wish I hadn’t because now I’m sort of thinking about how I would run a ME game in GURPS … and because my brain is wired to react in a certain way, I’m having to jot down my story notes or it just […]