Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Started replaying Mass Effect last week, this time on the desktop. Really wish I hadn’t because now I’m sort of thinking about how I would run a ME game in GURPS … and because my brain is wired to react in a certain way, I’m having to jot down my story notes or it just won’t leave me alone.

So what I’m thinking is thus: 
  • Mass Effect: Counterstrike (although Mass Effect: Incursion has a nice ring to it as well…)
  • Set during ME1, but is not intended to cross-over in any major way. Minor ways, yes, but not major.
  • All PCs are human and members of the Alliance military. This is non-negotiable, although a single government operative might be a valid character idea.
  • Begin in media res with PCs aboard a crashing starship originally bound for Eden Prime (to lend disaster relief). Initial adventure sequence deals with characters first surviving the crash (hopefully), then determining the cause of the crash (Batarian slavers seems logical) and dealing with the threat.
  • In the course of the above, intel should be obtained indicating that the bad guys were doing so on someone else’s orders, which leads to the formation of a new taskforce devoted to uncovering the identity of the mastermind while simultaneously securing the sector of space that this took place.
Going to keep making notes in my Google Docs for this in the hopes it’ll stop bothering me … or hey, who knows? Maybe I’ll end up running it some day.