Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Some interesting ideas have sort of materialized with regards to this game concept. In short:

  • What if the game is initially set before the first Mass Effect and then ends the initial run with the PCs arriving at Eden Prime? This would hint at an offscreen TPK (total party kill) caused by the arrival of Saren, Sovereign and the Geth, but E.P. is a big planet. Surely there’s a place for the PCs to kick a bunch of ass and not be whacked, yeah?
  • In ME1, we learn that the Normandy and thus, Shepard, were meant for the 63rd Scout Flotilla commanded by Rear Admiral Mikhailovich. This seems like an ideal place for the PCs to be based.
  • If the PCs are actively in pursuit of a former Council Spectre who ostensibly went rogue and was then later dealt with by Saren, a crossover between them and the Normandy crew seems inevitable, especially if any of the PCs have served with/under Shepard. Thus, they could exchange notes.
  • Would be awesome if could find some really cool space combat rules that properly emulate the ME universe and have the PCs participate in the Battle of the Citadel at the conclusion of ME1. Problem there, though, is most of the planned characters are really gropos, so a space battle might not be their thing.

My Friday group is probably the ideal group for this as only two of the players (out of five, not including myself) haven’t played ME1 and one of those has watched me play pretty much the entire trilogy. Unfortunately, right now, GURPS doesn’t quite move fast enough for some of the players – at least one of them only tolerates the game because he doesn’t want to actually run anything. Not to mention, I already have the Dresden Files game for that group and we’re going to be doing GURPS: Traveller here shortly … still, it might be worth considering regardless. Maybe I should offer it as a series of oneshots? We do those on the Saturday group (though they have a tendency to become 3 or 4 shots, what with our playing style.)

I think I am going to go ahead and start working on this as if it was an actual, intended game … but I’m not going to bother telling the players until I’m ready to go. I’ll probably go ahead and figure out the actual characters as well. Thinking … five PCs and GURPS: Action as a basis … might be interesting to use Action 4: Specialists as a basis instead of Action 1.

More as it occurs to me…