Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Logged out of that platform this morning. The more I read about the business practices of Twitter, the less I like it and honestly, it doesn’t accomplish anything for me. I already waste too much time online in a day as it is, so this is my first step in reclaiming myself from the sewer that is most social media. I’ve already significantly curtailed my presence over at Facebook – so much so, in fact, that I’ve received a couple of emails from online friends wondering if I’m okay or wishing I would talk to them via FB, even though I’ve sort of made it clear that I’m sick and tired of that platform, especially due tot he various political BS that one has to wade through this time of year. Even the so-called joke accounts are clearly run by leftists as every time something new comes up, I have to grit my teeth at the sheer bias involved. So very, very tired of that crap. There’s a reason why I’ve tuned out of so much entertainment – NFL? Done, what with far too much of the League turning into BLM assclowns. I was even originally planning on driving down to Dallas this year to watch the evil Cowboys take on the Ravens, but now, not going to happen. Would rather spend my money elsewhere.

Logging out doesn’t mean it is entirely gone, although I have cleared out my browsing data which will hopefully remind myself to not venture into that Twitter sewer anytime soon.

In other news, despite having finished ME1 and started ME2, I ended up starting yet another ME1 game simply because I wasn’t all that satisfied with the character I had in ME2 (“FemShep”). Plus? I watched this freaking awesome ME3 trailer again and have to have my Soldier (Earthborn, Sole Survivor) hanging with Ashley (who I actually like for some reason, despite so many people calling her a racist … how is it any different from any of the other characters throughout the game?)