Wrong of Me?

Is it wrong of me to derive an intense amount of satisfaction that the FBI has pulled an October surprise on Hillary? I’m less worried about Trump being POTUS than her – if he gets in, he’s going to be facing resistance on all fronts (the Republicans, the Democrats, the media, etc.) but 2/3 of […]

Election Fatigue

So very, very, very tired of this crap. Even more tired of listening to or reading ignorant people who definitely match the “low information voter” mindset. The fact that so many don’t bother to understand why the email issue is a big problem … just … ugh. And the guy running with the R is […]

Earthfall alterations

Been making some adjustments to the plot and “Sofia Dominguez” has become “Rivka Levy” … I mean, Hollywood implies Latinas & Israelis are interchangeable, yeah? (See Cote de Pablo in NCIS and Alice Braga in Predators.)

Dental Visit & Aftermath

Initial part of root canal is complete. Have to go back next Thursday for the temporary crown (presuming the medication application worked.) Confirmed also that my blood pressure is at least lower, but is still on the high side. Am guessing that I either am still acclimating to that medication or (more likely with my […]


The office is fricking cold as hell today. Probably just me since the primary support guy is running around in shorts…

Earthfall, Plot Outline

There are twenty planned chapters, five of which are going to be flashbacks. This is actually becoming my standard, I’ve noticed as “Fulcrum,” “Vorticity” and “Aspects of Silver” all have that same technique baked into them. As outlines go, this probably one of my least figured out which honestly fills me with a great deal […]


So, NaNoWriMo is almost literally right around the corner and I’ve really been struggling what to do this year. Think I’ve finally settled on “Earthfall,” which is intended to basically be a “Starship Troopers” type of story with super-heroes. Some additional (spoilerly) information behind the cut.Concept: Alien Invasion (bugs, naturally) apocalypse but in a super-hero […]

Random Musings

Root canal is scheduled for Thursday. So … huzzah for that. I’m just so terribly eager… Did the gym thing on Sunday and actually lifted weights. As a result, my muscles have noted this change and strongly disapprove. Really need to go back today and do the lower body sequence so I can spread the […]

High Blood Pressure confirmed

Doctor gave me a prescription and a follow-up in 3 weeks to see progress. I later checked in with the dentist and they want me to be on the BP medicine for at least a week before I come in for the root canal so … ugh. Fortunately, the amoxicillin they put me on does […]

Dear God…

I hope I can get the high blood pressure thing sorted out tomorrow because if I have to multiple days with this level of tooth pain, I expect I’ll go mad. Or seek our radical, ill-thought out remedies. Right now, I can barely chew because of this! Imagine what eating is like (and if you imagined […]