Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Man, today sucked. Not the weather – no, that was glorious. Absolutely perfect for biking. All things considered, I should have managed more than the 32 & a half miles I managed. In fact, when I started, I was seriously contemplating shooting for 50 …

But instead, I started sucking hardcore at the 14 or 15 mile point and never really recovered. Doesn’t help that I took a slightly different route than before (and this particular route opens up some interesting possibilities that I shall have to explore online before I make the attempt) and there were some seriously steep inclines that were great going down but utterly blew when I had to go the other way.

And, of course, it definitely doesn’t help that the boss called me while I was on the way back for work-related crap that had to get done today (and did, it seems.)