GURPS: Mass Effect, Part Seven

So, over on the Steve Jackson boards, I found this post that really works for me in terms of armor and weapons. I did a little bit of testing and, presuming my math is right, got the following results:

  • Given: light padding undersuit (DR 10), light plating (+DR 10) with light (ablative, hardened 2) shields (DR 50) vs assault rifle (4d (3) pi … although with the shields being hardened 2, the armor divisor is mostly irrelevant.)
  • There is no shield penetration until the fifth round (presuming average damage of 12), at which point shields are depleted. This actually works with the mechanics in the game fairly well, with the option existing to increase the efficacy of the shields and the penetration capability of the rounds.
Therefore, I think we have a winner. Will likely go with these mechanics and tweak them as any theoretical game progresses, which frees me up to think about other things.