GURPS: Mass Effect – Characters

Right. So getting ahead of myself with the space combat crap. I need to focus on the characters first. Once I figure them out, I can proceed forward.
What I really need to do, though, is float this before the group as a “hey, I’m contemplating spinning up a Mass Effect game using GURPS but using the Action! rules; would you be interested in this?” because honestly, if more than half the group says “no”, then what’s the point (other than moving it to the Saturday game which is also feasible I suppose.)

Presuming the Friday group, that means five players. With that in mind, I envision:

  • Team Leader – (essentially a Shooter), the hardened veteran of Torfan, served under Shepard, probably a Lieutenant or Staff-Lieutenant (need to research this – think Torfan was 8 or 9 years earlier? That’s a long time to just advance two or three grades…
  • ‘Driver’ – the wheelman of the group, this character joined the Alliance intent on becoming a combat pilot but has been stymied at every chance and has, thus, been stuck in the infantry, even though s/he can fly shuttles and drive the Mako or the Hammerhead. I am hesitant about this particular character concept, though. Is a “wheelman” actually needed for this?
  • ‘Wire rat’ – the technician/engineer of the team, this character should be both the hacker and the fixer and absolutely needs to have a last name of Hudson so the team leader can state: “Run a bypass, Hudson.” Also needs to be a tolerable shooter but not as good as the dedicate gun-bunnies. Probably the smartest of the group.
  • ‘Infiltrator’ – the sneaky bugger of the team, this guy/gal gets into places without being seen and does … stuffs (assassination? Demolition?) before bugging out again. This character might be a decent fit for the government liaison (as opposed to the rest who are full military) and I have a good idea who would probably end up taking this character.
  • ‘Rookie Shooter’ – this should be the newbie who only recently joined up (was probably one of the Elysium colonists who fought alongside then-Lieutenant Shepard when defending against the Batarians.)
One difference from Action 1 as written, though, is that I’m going to seriously downgrade DX and IQ scores. Especially IQ scores because having IQ 15s in the group? Come on, man. That’s Mordin territory.