Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

So, NaNoWriMo is almost literally right around the corner and I’ve really been struggling what to do this year. Think I’ve finally settled on “Earthfall,” which is intended to basically be a “Starship Troopers” type of story with super-heroes. Some additional (spoilerly) information behind the cut.
Concept: Alien Invasion (bugs, naturally) apocalypse but in a super-hero universe. So it is Starship Troopers … with super-heroes.

  • Ultrahumans: name provided for superhumans. 
  • All ultrahumans are sterile. There will not be a second-generation … except there is. Most people presume that there are 2d generation (due to new ‘Genesis Events’ where people manifest) but Allison Scott, who is the foremost expert on them, knows that is not the case.
  • Power level of ultrahumans utilize the same category system of a hurricane, with a Cat 5 being impossibly powerful and dangerous. As of the beginning of this story, Fury is the only known Cat 5 alive (and when he went to sleep, he was a low-level Cat 4 at best.) During the course of the story, it is revealed that Allison is also a Cat5, but she is removed from the equation by Genesis who is a Category 7 or 8 threat.
  • Humans never refer to the bugs as anything but bugs. They don’t have another name for them.

Main Characters:

  • David Fury (“Valor”): flying brick who is the only second generation ultrahuman. He is the Johnny Rico of this story and, over the course of the story, evolves into the Superman role (which works as he’s a flying brick.) His parents were teammates on Team Vanguard (the JL, Avengers-equiv) – dad (Mark) was “Fury” (and was constantly teased for his unoriginal codename) while mom (Marisol Fernandez) was “Barrier.”
  • SGT (Later 1LT) Sofía Quesada, nee Dominguez: Initially not a love interest, but over the course of the story, this evolves as the two become closer. [[ALCHEMIST]] – She can destabilize molecular bonds. Later, after her second genesis-event, she will become more like Jan Arrah (Element Lad) of LSH in that she will be able to manipulate inorganic matter at a molecular level; can also ‘feed’ off stuff to repair herself. She was once known as ‘Half-Life’ who ran with the Defenders (name to be changed), which was a terrorist ultrahuman supremacy organization. Not emotionally detached but very Rogue-like in that she refuses to touch people or freaks out when touched out of fear that she’ll kill the person (and she has in the past, usually when unconscious or injured.) Everyone but David is terrified of her due to her powerset and he is the only one who treats her like a normal, regular woman (which is probably why she fell for him so very, very long ago.) Quesada is her married name – he’s now dead – and I totally envision her looking like Alice Braga or Cote de Pablo … because of course I do.
  • Major Michael Steele: Fury’s commanding officer and, eventually, his closest friend. The major has no superhuman abilities and knows more about South America than his home country. He’s a former spook pressed back into service as a soldier because of losses incurred. Black guy, former Army Ranger/Special Forces. Sort of envision him as Mike Colter (“Luke Cage”).
  • CPT Allison Scott: She is a Category Five ultrahuman who called herself [Odyssey? Crappy name; need better] when she was (briefly) a member of Team Vanguard and romantically involved with Genesis. After his disappearance following Ragnarok, she allowed her ultrahuman identity to die – everyone presumed she was killed during that ‘event’ – and began once more researching ultrahuman abilities. Eventually (around Year 7), she realized that David Fury is the only 2d Generation ultrahuman and she began monitoring him out of the (correct) presumption that Genesis was ultimately responsible for his origin. After David became ‘Valor’, she used her capabilities to ‘de-age’ herself (an illusion, probably) and inserted herself into his life. She had no intention of becoming romantically involved with him but allowed it to happen when he began to pursue her (although all of his memories of sexy good times are post-hypnotic illusions brought on by her light manipulation.) According to the official story, she ‘manifested’ her ultrahuman abilities when the Inquisition attempted to assassinate him. She serves as the Team’s chief medical officer with her ‘powers’ being what amounts to seeing shatterpoints and experiencing serendipity (in right place at right time … always.) Needless to say, David will be fucking horrified when he realizes how much she’s lied to him and why. Her real powerset is far more impressive. For all intents and purposes, she is effectively a copy of Genesis (at slightly lower power levels.) As one of his many experiments, the inhuman entity placed a tiny piece of himself within Allison just to see what it would do … and it fundamentally altered her. She is now obsessed with understanding his goals and plans while simultaneously sharing them. 
  • CPL (later SGT) Jason ‘J.J.’ Jones: who is in every way (personality-wise) a copy of my cousin, Jason. He is a Cat-2 brick who considered Valor to be his arch-nemesis and faced off against him dozens of times. The final time they faced off was in Y20, just before the Inquisition tried to kill Valor, and at the time, J.J. was out of control (and possibly drunk/high). He was reckless and careless and, as a result, two children died though he was unaware of it at the time. When David caught up with him, Valor beat the living shit out of him, unloading a can of whoop-ass on Jones that was unprecedented. He came close to outright killing him but ultimately held back … just barely. When JJ learned of the two deaths he’d caused, it affected him like nothing else did and he legitimately started working on becoming a better person, going so far as to help stop a riot at the prison he was incarcerated at when word of Valor’s death was announced. By the time of Earthfall, J.J. has also become a Born Again Christian which took place while he was in prison and he’s obsessed with making up for his many, many mistakes. There is no one on this planet that J.J. respects more than David Fury and he will not hesitate to join Valor in a suicide mission.
  • Genesis: Cosmic powered entity, he’s the Dr. Manhattan of the world and erroneously believed to be a human named Jonathan Masters. In truth, he’s wholly extraterrestrial and is behind the birth of superhumans. He is also very much not looking forward to seeing Valor again as he is ‘timelocked.’ As soon as he interacts with Fury, Genesis shifts backwards in time, makes adjustments to the captured Valor, then summons his younger self and merges with him. It is a closed temporal loop which means he is facing his death…