Dental Work

Got the permanent crown put in this a.m. and was very gratified that I didn’t have to pay the entire balance today. Thanks to the car work I had to get done yesterday costs almost immediately what I still owe the dentist.

Armed and Operational…

Well, sort of. Car is repaired – my guess about the ignition switch being responsible was correct, although it cost me $330 to get it repaired. The problem I’m facing now is my dental appointment tomorrow and the $533 I’m supposed to pay … which I don’t have, dammit. Can pay some of that with […]

Fraked if you do …

You know the rest. Seriously. Not super enthusiastic about visiting family over the holidays because I’m inevitably reminded that I’m still single and likely to remain so until I croak, but then, when I have holidays like this one where I simply can’t afford to go anywhere (and have a fraking dentist appointment in the […]

Car Trouble

So fucking pissed off right now. I joked about my car breaking once it as paid off and what do you know? It just did. Fucking thing won’t turn over but the internal electronics (radio, for example) is acting like the key is still in the ignition and will not shut off. Which means my […]

Blood Pressure

So, major progress with regards to the blood pressure medicine. About a month ago (10/30, to be exact), my BP systolic/diastolic recording was 161/97. Today, its down to 132/68. Definitely an improvement.

Gun Range (Redux)

Hit the gun range today and did okay. Shots were a little high and to the right – will need to work on that. My little Croatian 9mm handled the rounds easily enough, but it was definitely a reminder that I need to hit the range more frequently. And get another pistol because why the […]

Car Payment

No more! The car is officially paid off today. Which means a giant meteor is going to fall on it any day now.

Gym Rats

Am starting to recognize some of the faces at my gym. Not as many uber hotties as I would like, but then, this is a “no judgment” gym (Planet Fitness) so real gym rats are probably at the Gold’s Gym. Am slowly getting back into the proper mindset, but I must admit that, for a […]

Post Election, Week Two

Entering the second week and there are still jackholes rioting and “protesting.” I am not thoroughly convinced that the bulk of these protesters are Soros rent-a-mobs who are simply trying to cause havoc. At this point, if I were POTUS, I would start looking at a targeted assassination of that sonuvabitch as he is clearly […]