My Annual Flash Drive

Every year for the last eight or nine years, I have purchased a new flash drive that doubles the capacity of the year’s previous for around $20 and this year was no different. My 128GB drive is on its way now and I’m consistently surprised at this sort of thing. This flash drive has more storage capacity than most of the computers I’ve own (not my current one which has a terabyte, and not the previous one which was 500GB, I think) and this means I should be looking at 256GB next year which is insane…

To coin a phrase from Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, “What a fascinating modern age we live in.”

Emerald City

Not sure how I feel about this. Adria Arjona is gorgeous – she pushes every single one of my buttons so I could watch her reading the phone book – and some of the revisions seem neat (I especially like the Scarecrow having amnesia, hence him “needing a brain”). Daredevil’s Kingpin as the Wizard could be amusing and I’m guessing the long-haired dude in platemail is the revised Tin Man (?), so … dammit. Going to have to watch this just to see if it sucks, aren’t I?

Arkham Knight and BM: Telltale Game

Steam sale had these for cheap and while I’m kind of tired of Bats, I will acknowledge that the Arkham games have been great … until Knight. I’d read how people disliked the Batmobile crap but dear God, until I’d experienced it myself, I had not realized just how crap it is.

Meanwhile, the Telltale game is excellent. Am through the 2nd ep and I love the re-imagining here, what with Thomas Wayne not being the paragon he’s usually written as. And thus far, I absolutely love the Bat-Cat dynamic. The bar fight in ep 2 where Bruce and Selina (in civvie garb) kick ass? I would kill to see that in a movie.

Day 200 of Weight Loss Program

According to MyFitnessPal, today marks the 200 day point and, while there has been a notable decline in how quickly I’m losing weight – too many ‘screw it. Yes, I will have the cheesecake, thank you’ and ‘OMFG, I think I might murder someone for a Snickers’ days – I am still down around 50 pounds, so there’s that.

This week … er … month has also kind of sucked with regards to gym attendance. Excuses are easy to come by – car trouble, was kind of sick earlier this week – but I am making plans to ramp that back up starting in January (like everyone else). Until then, my gym attendance will still be sporadic – for example, I’ll likely go tonight after work for some overdue cardio.

And finally, thanks to work (as well as general lack of motivation), my plans for Christmas kind of fell through so I’ll be sticking around OKC. Am considering a second viewing of Rogue One, potentially in the Director’s Suite (so I can recline and eat and all that.) Should check to see if that’s available for Christmas Day…

Rewatched ESB

Rewatched ESB this weekend and was once again reminded of what I didn’t like about the “special editions”. This line was replaced with that whole nonsense about informing his star destroyer of his arrival … I love the way this scene was originally done. You really get Vader’s frustration and controlled fury. I really wish I could get a special SPECIAL edition where I pick and choose what they changed (e.g., the Solo & Jabba scene in ANH. It’d be gone too. And Han. Shot. First.)

Rogue 1 Review

Had a blast with this movie. There were some flaws in it – notably, that it honestly wasn’t actually necessary in the grand scheme of things but also with regards to some digital recreations for a few characters, notably Governor Tarkin, that failed the ‘uncanny valley’ thing – but once it got cooking, it was fantastic. Seeing Lord Vader cutting down Rebel scum alone was worth the price of admission but the entire main battle was awesome.

The director also had an excellent sense of scale, something that is sometimes lost with the SW movies (particularly ‘The Force Awakens’ which had people all over the galaxy being able to see the destruction of a single star system, despite not being anywhere near that system … but then, that’s J.J. Abrams and the first nuTrek reboot movie showed he had no sense of scale then.) Overall, at this point, I think I’d say that I liked ‘Rogue One” better than ‘The Force Awakens’ but a repeat viewing is likely required to confirm this fact.

Also? I don’t know Felicity Jones from anywhere, but she’s great in this. Not quite as luminescent as Daisy Ridley – honestly, I swear that when Daisy was on the screen for TFA, I literally cannot look away – but excellent nonetheless.

Very good movie.

Rogue 1 today

The boss is a big Star Wars fan as well, so we’re closing down the office and going to see it today as a group with him paying (which is awesome.) We did the same last year with The Force Awakens and ended up at Five Guys (again, with him paying.) No word on whether that’s the plan today as well.

Fox on the Run

After hearing some of this song on the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, I wanted to hear the full song and stumbled on this fan vid. And … wow. When Adriana Lima rolls her eyes at 1:34? To quote Jayne Cobb, “I’ll be in my bunk.”