Day 200 of Weight Loss Program

According to MyFitnessPal, today marks the 200 day point and, while there has been a notable decline in how quickly I’m losing weight – too many ‘screw it. Yes, I will have the cheesecake, thank you’ and ‘OMFG, I think I might murder someone for a Snickers’ days – I am still down around 50 pounds, so there’s that.

This week … er … month has also kind of sucked with regards to gym attendance. Excuses are easy to come by – car trouble, was kind of sick earlier this week – but I am making plans to ramp that back up starting in January (like everyone else). Until then, my gym attendance will still be sporadic – for example, I’ll likely go tonight after work for some overdue cardio.

And finally, thanks to work (as well as general lack of motivation), my plans for Christmas kind of fell through so I’ll be sticking around OKC. Am considering a second viewing of Rogue One, potentially in the Director’s Suite (so I can recline and eat and all that.) Should check to see if that’s available for Christmas Day…