Spider-Man: Homecoming

Looks pretty darned good. I really like the little touches – Bruce Banner’s picture in the wall of famous scientists, Howard Stark’s face on the school mural – and am hoping this movie kicks ass. Thus far, the MCU hasn’t screwed up yet, so there’s that. Interesting that Spidey is shown in both his original suit and the post-Civil War suit, which makes me suspect that this movie might take place before and after CA3, which is cool

Television Recap

Episode 3 of “The Grand Tour” on Amazon was awesome. The Top Gear guys are in fantastic form.

The so-called crossover event between the CW super-hero shows was kind of crap, though. At this point, I’m watching most of them out of loyalty to earlier seasons – this year’s Flash has frankly stunk and I haven’t caught up with the others. Compare that to the excellent Agents of SHIELD ep …