Capaldi Leaving Who

I can’t say that this surprises me – the sad part, for me anyway, is that he’s had the potential to be great but the scripts have sucked terribly for him. Kind of weird that Moffat wrote some of my favorite Tennant Who eps but has kind of been a bust as showrunner. My expectation […]

New Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer

While I’m still kind of looking forward to this, I must admit that the character models aren’t very appealing right now. It’s like they intentionally uglied up all of the characters – this “Cora Harper” is ostensibly a love interest but man, she’s kind of bugly…


One resolution: get in shape. I’ve already gotten a nice good headstart with my current level of weight loss (which I’ve completely gone off the rails today, what with pizza and cheesy bread and a banana split from Braum’s) but I’m planning on resuming the gym visits starting Monday a.m. I want to be around […]