The Expanse – “Caliban’s War”

So, we’re on to Book 2 of the series, “Caliban’s War” in the show. Interesting that they’re skipping straight to it though I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if there’s a timeskip. Exactly how long said skip might be though, we’ll have to see…


Success. Although man, I’m paying for it now. Had a strong wind in my face for more than half the trip and I ended up so exhausted at the end that I walked the final mile in an attempt to avoid the wind issue and to loosen up the kinks in my leg muscles. Thoroughly […]


Had to come in early today to cover for the morning tech support guy (really, I should just call him the tech support guy) who is off today since its Valentine’s Day and his wife is going out of town later today. You know what? I fucking hate mornings. Getting up before 8 on Tuesday […]


Was mid-80s on Saturday, so I broke out the bike and tried a new route. Managed a whopping 44-miles. There’s clearly been a big fitness improvement on my end because I didn’t start to really suck wind until 2/3 of the way in, around mile 27 or 28. The next time I try this route […]


The hot chick at work was let go today. Dunno why – none of my business, really – and I feel really bad when my first thought is far too prurient to state aloud.

Cibola Burn

Nope. Didn’t watch even a moment of the Super Bowl this year. Instead, I finished Cibola Burn, the 4th book of The Expanse series. I’d started this book before – got about 1/4 of the way through it before something happened and I forgot about it for some reason – but once I got over […]

Super Bowl … And I Don’t Care

I blame this entirely on the NFL itself. This entire year, I’ve been apathetic at the very least. Put simply: I don’t want politics in my tackleball, dammit. And yet, the NFL keeps doubling down on stupid … so frankly, it’s no surprise their ratings have been down this year. Also? I expect the Pats […]

Berkeley Milo Riot

Seriously, people. What. The. Fuck. I get not wanting to hear someone whose politics you disagree with but this is absurd. Milo went there to give a speech about how free speech is endangered on American campuses if you’re on the right … and then it had to be cancelled because the lefties where throwing […]

Sunday … Biking?

Sunday is the 5th of February and according to the forecast, it should be mid- to high-60s … so I’m thinking about trying hit the bike trails. Tuesday is supposed to be even better – in the 70s – so I might try to do morning cardio on the bike.