Success. Although man, I’m paying for it now. Had a strong wind in my face for more than half the trip and I ended up so exhausted at the end that I walked the final mile in an attempt to avoid the wind issue and to loosen up the kinks in my leg muscles. Thoroughly hate that I live on the second floor right now because … ugh … that sucked.


Had to come in early today to cover for the morning tech support guy (really, I should just call him the tech support guy) who is off today since its Valentine’s Day and his wife is going out of town later today. You know what? I fucking hate mornings. Getting up before 8 on Tuesday reminded me of this.

Of course, on freaking Saturdays, I have zero problem waking up that early. Dammit.


Was mid-80s on Saturday, so I broke out the bike and tried a new route. Managed a whopping 44-miles. There’s clearly been a big fitness improvement on my end because I didn’t start to really suck wind until 2/3 of the way in, around mile 27 or 28. The next time I try this route (maybe this coming Sunday because it looks to be low-70s), I’m going to swing around Lake Overholser on the way back and try for 50-miles.

Cibola Burn

Nope. Didn’t watch even a moment of the Super Bowl this year. Instead, I finished Cibola Burn, the 4th book of The Expanse series. I’d started this book before – got about 1/4 of the way through it before something happened and I forgot about it for some reason – but once I got over that point this time, I sort of raced through it. Really enjoyed it, but I still think #3 (Abaddon’s Gate) is my favorite of the series thus far.

Have started #5, Nemesis Games this morning.

Super Bowl … And I Don’t Care

I blame this entirely on the NFL itself. This entire year, I’ve been apathetic at the very least. Put simply: I don’t want politics in my tackleball, dammit. And yet, the NFL keeps doubling down on stupid … so frankly, it’s no surprise their ratings have been down this year.

Also? I expect the Pats to win in a blow-out because Brady is, hands-down, the best professional quarterback playing.

Berkeley Milo Riot

Seriously, people. What. The. Fuck.

I get not wanting to hear someone whose politics you disagree with but this is absurd. Milo went there to give a speech about how free speech is endangered on American campuses if you’re on the right … and then it had to be cancelled because the lefties where throwing a riot over his very presence. Irony, much? Congratulations, dipshits. You made his point.

What I want to see is assholes like this arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This isn’t “free speech.” It’s domestic terrorism. Vandalism. Assault and battery. Throw their asses into prison. You didn’t see Tea Partiers pulling this kind of shit. No, they went there, said their piece, then cleaned up after themselves before going home and electing Republicans.

Right now, I want California to drop off into the sea.

Sunday … Biking?

Sunday is the 5th of February and according to the forecast, it should be mid- to high-60s … so I’m thinking about trying hit the bike trails. Tuesday is supposed to be even better – in the 70s – so I might try to do morning cardio on the bike.