Red Sky Volume 6 Planning, Session 1

With the narrative thrust resolved, I need to turn to the actual “adventure” itself. The current plan calls for at least five sessions (although, knowing my luck, it’s more likely going to be 6 to 8.) Right now, I’ve split up each planned session according to the characters involved:

Red Sky Volume 6 “Clean Slate”

Now that I have all of the planned characters for this, I’ve officially started working on actual planning for this. A GURPS: Monster Hunters game that is set in the Dresden Files universe (albeit located here in OKC), I’m planning on trying something slightly different (and potentially game-breaking if this blows up in my face) […]

Fricking Photobucket

Evidently, they’ve changed how they operate and no longer allow me to use their damned service the way it’s always worked. Unless I pay them, of course. So all of my Obsidian Portals sites that refer to the images there are thoroughly broken. Clearly, I must now upload all of those images to my own […]

New PC for my GURPS: Monster Hunters (Dresden Files) game

One of my players has two characters – looking at doing the troupe kind of play – and finally got around to finalizing his second one. He is going to be a wizardly type but will not a dedicated combat mage. You won’t see him hurling fireballs or calling lightning. What he does is more […]

GURPS Grand Prix

In the ConsOps game (which is just GURPS: Action!), we have a Wheelman and it occurred to me that a neat scenario could exist wherein the PC in question ends up being the driver in some big race (Grand Prix, of course.) Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find anything that really fits rules for […]

Counting Bullets

Took my pistol to the range this a.m. and put a couple hundred rounds though it (225, to be precise.) While my miserable shot grouping isn’t the subject of this post – clearly, I only have a single point in Guns (Pistol) – what did occur to me is how frequently I lost track of […]

Great Courses Plus

Went ahead and signed up for The Great Courses Plus because I’m a big ass nerd and have been watching the King Arthur lectures, what with me actually running an Arthurian game and all. It’s pretty much what I’d expected – basically an examination of the literary history of Arthur with one lecture on what the […]

Paladin Thoughts

In our Friday game, we’re playing D&D 5E with a relatively new GM, with a fascinating campaign concept: the PCs are legendary heroes pulled from the past to deal with a great threat … unfortunately, they were pulled from the timestream before they could become the legends. I decided that I would play a Paladin […]