Red Sky Volume 6 “Clean Slate”

Now that I have all of the planned characters for this, I’ve officially started working on actual planning for this. A GURPS: Monster Hunters game that is set in the Dresden Files universe (albeit located here in OKC), I’m planning on trying something slightly different (and potentially game-breaking if this blows up in my face) wherein I’m going to be intentionally not having the characters be in a group until the climax. This is definitely going to be something of an experiment to see if I can actually pull this off, but I’ve got a decent game plan, I think.
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Fricking Photobucket

Evidently, they’ve changed how they operate and no longer allow me to use their damned service the way it’s always worked. Unless I pay them, of course. So all of my Obsidian Portals sites that refer to the images there are thoroughly broken. Clearly, I must now upload all of those images to my own site and hotlink from there, which means my time with Photobucket is rapidly nearing an end.

New PC for my GURPS: Monster Hunters (Dresden Files) game

One of my players has two characters – looking at doing the troupe kind of play – and finally got around to finalizing his second one. He is going to be a wizardly type but will not a dedicated combat mage. You won’t see him hurling fireballs or calling lightning. What he does is more subtle – by altering probability and utilizing discreet illusions, he will no doubt be a very dangerous foe.
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Counting Bullets

Took my pistol to the range this a.m. and put a couple hundred rounds though it (225, to be precise.) While my miserable shot grouping isn’t the subject of this post – clearly, I only have a single point in Guns (Pistol) – what did occur to me is how frequently I lost track of the bullet count and was momentarily surprised when my magazine was empty.

This led me to thinking: how is it that PCs in a RPG are able to know exactly how many rounds they actually have fired? In an Ultra Tech situation, that’s easy – an ammo counter might display this, ala the M41A Pulse Rifle of Aliens fame or perhaps the character has a HUD running that tells him this – but in a more modern society? I spent four years in the Army as an infantryman and even in a carefully controlled environment like a gun range, I lose track of my count.

In GURPS: Tactical Shooting, there’s a bit about Situational Awareness on page 11 that remarks simply that the game presumes everyone is aware of things that are difficult to monitor in real life, but doesn’t include ammo count; mostly, it’s about being able to track additional threats and the like, but this also seems like an appropriate thing that a good shooter should be aware of. Later, on page 32, there’s a bit about “Harsh Realism for Tactical Shooters” but to my surprise, no reference to bullet counting.

Now, for someone with the Gunslinger advantage, for example, it makes perfect sense to ignore this as they are likely immediately aware of exactly how many rounds a specific firearm has expended. Yeah, I’m looking at you, Sterling Archer. But what about less experienced shooters?

My first instinct is to say “ignore this for anyone with Combat Reflexes” and then apply an extra second (or even two!) to reload times for those without to reflect the “BANG! BANG! Click! Crap! I’m out of ammo!” bit.

Still considering…

Great Courses Plus

Went ahead and signed up for The Great Courses Plus because I’m a big ass nerd and have been watching the King Arthur lectures, what with me actually running an Arthurian game and all. It’s pretty much what I’d expected – basically an examination of the literary history of Arthur with one lecture on what the most likely historical character (Ambrosius Aurelianus and/or Riothamus, who may be the same person) before then mostly focusing on the various literature that padded out the myth. Still, it’s fascinating to me.

Not sure what I’ll be watching next. Would actually like something on Charlemagne, honestly…

Paladin Thoughts

In our Friday game, we’re playing D&D 5E with a relatively new GM, with a fascinating campaign concept: the PCs are legendary heroes pulled from the past to deal with a great threat … unfortunately, they were pulled from the timestream before they could become the legends. I decided that I would play a Paladin but wanted to do something slightly different and came up with a concept: the Traitor-Knight. Essentially, in his past-future, he would go on to become reviled by most of the populace due to his siding with the losers of the inevitable war that leads to the current status quo.

But that’s not what this post is really about. Instead, I wanted to throw out some interesting musings on Holy Knights like this.

Having spent entirely too much time yesterday reading through the Psi-Wars stuff by Mailanka, I was influenced by his Communion take, specifically with regards to the whole avatar thing. Related to this was a scene in the Dresden Files book, Changes, while Karrin Murphy is wielding Fidelacchius, one of the Swords. When facing some super vampires with major mind mojo, she cries out:

“False gods!” she cried, her blue eyes blazing as she stared at the Red King and the Lords of Outer Night. “Pretenders! Usurpers of truth! Destroyers of faith, of families, of lives, of children! For your crimes against the Mayans, against the peoples of the world, now will you answer! Your time has come! Face judgement Almighty!”

Okay, so this is pretty standard for a paladin, yeah? I mean, it isn’t hard to believe a paladin would exclaim this sort of thing, right? The very next sentence is what made me go “Hmm…”

I think I was the only one close enough to see the shock in her eyes, and I realized that it wasn’t Murphy speaking the words – but someone else speaking them through her.

So, what if, when a paladin channels his or her deity’s holy might, what he or she is actually doing is opening himself to become (albeit temporarily) his or her deity’s literal avatar?

This is definitely something that bears further investigation, particularly since I’m likely going to be running Dungeon Fantasy for the Saturday group in the near future …