Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

I forgot to blog again. I swear, I don’t understand how really prolific bloggers are capable of maintaining that.

So, what’s up with me? Not much. Took a vacation last week that ended in disaster (intended on camping for 4 or 5 days, but came home after one for a variety of reasons.) Visited the doctor for 6 month “you’ve been on blood pressure meds” checkup, which led to urologist who eventually said I was fine … even though I’ve got a persistent recurring pain in my abdomen (left side.) Weight hasn’t dropped adequately, though above-mentioned vacation didn’t help as I kind of splurged and am now trying to force myself back on the proverbial wagon. Work still sucks.

Still planning to attend GenCon. Desperately need that vacation…

Going to be running a GURPS conversion of the Pathfinder adventure path, “Jade Regent” (although I ‘m actually going to start with elements from their very first adventure path, “Rise of the Runelords”, just to set up the town of Sandpoint. Going to be using straight up Dungeon Fantasy so it’ll be … interesting. Am thinking about maybe trying to spin up a lot of this in Fantasy Grounds ala a module … will have to research how difficult that is.

In related news, we’ve started LiveStreaming our Saturday games. Below is the “season finale” of the Banestorm game (I play Finn.)