Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Been a while since I actually commented on this. Overall, I haven’t lost any progress, really, although I have kind of stalled out at my current weight (which right now, is ~230-235, depending on the day, what I’ve eaten, whether I’ve biked, etc.) I did kind of spike back up to around 240 for a bit, but I’m work back down from that again (weighed in at 232 this morning, even though I kind of splurged yesterday on food.) Ideally, I’d like to actually drop another 10 to 15 lbs before GenCon to get around 215-220, but I have my doubts there.

I haven’t had a lot of those “super crazy long” bike rides like I did earlier, but that’s at least partially due to fact that I put on new pedals that require specialized shoes with cleats that clip-in … and this makes driving in traffic an exercise in suicide management. Thus, I’ve been hitting the river track and going for 12-24 miles (depending on whether I do both sides of the river, or just one.)

This morning, I only managed 14 point something … was going to do both sides (so around 24 to 26 … not sure which) but I was thoroughly exhausted for some reason. Guess I didn’t sleep all that well.

Ah well. Guess I can try and make myself go biking again tomorrow. Maybe force myself to do a minimum of 10 miles every day … that should help shed those pounds I’d like to lose…