“Many Bothans Died To Bring Us This Information…”

By now, we’ve all (presumably) seen Rogue One. It was, mostly, unnecessary in the grand scheme of things but still managed to be pretty awesome. The Battle of Scarif was flat out fantastic, but it led me to thinking … what about this?

With this in mind, I started thinking about running a one-off scenario at GenCon for the friends that are attending. I’m not sure if this is actually going to happen – most of us have seriously busy schedules planned – so this may end up being a one or two-session “One-Shot” game for the Saturday Fantasy Grounds group (post-GenCon).

Currently, I’m leaning toward using the old West End Games d6 system which remains, to me, the best representation for Star Wars in RPGs (although, to be fair, I haven’t tried any of the newer stuff.)

Begin in media res, with all PCs on a mission:

  • Templates
  • All PCs use RoE: Rebel SpecForce templates, specifically SpecForce Driver/Pilot; SpecForce Heavy Weapon Spec; SpecForce Tech/Eng/Medic; SpecForce Scanner/Comm Operators; & SpecForce SpaceOps Trooper.

Theoretical Sequence (rip-off U-571):

  • Imperial System Patrol Craft SPC-1138 has successfully engaged and destroyed a Rebellion Corellian Corvette in SYSTEM, but suffered serious damage in the process. Alliance Command has intercepted a distress signal from SPC-1138.
  • PCs are part of a Bothan strike team whose commanding officer – CDR Dahl Gren – has decided to make a major gamble: they will take a recently captured Imperial Customs Guardian Light Cruiser to intercept the SPC-1138 while posing as a rescue vessel.
  • Upon arrival in-system, PCs will form the boarding party (ACTION SEQUENCE 1!) to seize control of the SPC-1138 where they quickly learn that there’s another ship in-system! It is another system patrol craft that unloads a pair of concussion torpedoes (6D) that slam into the Guardian light cruiser, destroying it instantly and killing CDR Gren!
  • Cue space combat scene (ACTION SEQUENCE 2!), with PCs having to engage and hopefully destroy the rival strike cruiser.
  • In the immediate aftermath of this battle, PCs will discover that their ship is tricked out above and beyond what a normal system patrol craft has at their disposal: not only does it have a fairly extensive stealth suite (not quite a cloaking device, but pretty close), but it also has detailed plans for a new Death Star! PCs must get this to Alliance High Command.
  • Unfortunately, the damage they’ve taken is pretty extensive: the main hyperdrive is completely shot so they’re having to limp along using the backup (x18) and that’s only going to work for a brief time before it too shuts down. Even worse, the comm systems have been all but destroyed during the boarding action and then the space battle … so they can’t call for help! And let’s not forget that they’re ‘pinging’ Imperial transponder codes!
  • Repairs may manage to get one or both partially operational with really good rolls; due to plot reasons, though, the hyperdrive should never be fully repaired and the comms can only function in-system (so no communicating to anyone in a different star system.)
  • The next move is up to the PCs, but some thoughts on possible directions:
    • Getting these plans to Alliance Command is top priority as it appears the Death Star II is nearing completion. Right now, it isn’t operational but it’s only a matter of time!
    • Conveniently, there is a nearby Imperial refueling depot that is, according to all of the data they have at their disposal, lightly manned and poorly defended (because it is so out of the way.) With the firepower currently at their disposal, they might actually be able to take that facility and transmit these plans to Alliance HQ! (LOCATION for the refueling depot is important. Make it similar to Ragnar Anchorage in the BSG mini-series; perhaps it is situated in a gas giant so PCs could potentially use that as cover or perhaps it’s simply in a nebula, which knocks down starship shields or makes them less likely to function correctly.)
    • Note any captured bad guys in brig. One of them could easily start doing the internal sabotage and SOS signal that alerts any Imperial forces nearby. In the event there are no captured personnel, there will be one who managed to evade the Rebels (ala the “cook” in Red October.)
  • At some point, SPC-1138 should enter a system that has another, larger Imperial vessel in it that, initially, does not realize the danger but does detect the damage. They will send a transmission offering to provide repairs and assistance; whoever is the acting commander should know that insisting they are fine when they clearly are not will simply draw unwanted attention – best scenario is to fake cooperation, then get in close enough to the other ship and hit it hard with torpedoes before it gets its shields up. Might also be interesting if, during the negotiations here, the “cook” manages to get the SOS out which causes the bigger ship to respond appropriately. (ACTION SEQUENCE 3a!)
  • If they do manage to get into another space battle, any captured Imperials choose this moment to make a move and try to break out. This could lead to another firefight (ACTION SEQUENCE 3b!)
  • Taking the refueling depot should be a lot more difficult than expected and resulted in PC casualties. There are boatloads of stormtroopers available and each time a PC dies, they get to take over a stormtrooper!
  • Interesting idea: the initial taking of the facility is relatively easy, which allows the PCs to transmit the plans … and then, the counter-attack ensues with wave after wave after wave of stormtroopers coming for them.
  • Also, another idea: what if the PCs split up, with some of them remaining on the ship? Could have an alternate ground-space-ground-space firefight.
  • The conclusion of this scenario is a given once the signal is sent: incoming starship detected … it’s a star destroyer. And it opens fire with turbolasers at once, killing everyone…
Obviously, some refinement is required, but I think this is a pretty solid baseline to work from…