Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

One of my players has two characters – looking at doing the troupe kind of play – and finally got around to finalizing his second one. He is going to be a wizardly type but will not a dedicated combat mage. You won’t see him hurling fireballs or calling lightning. What he does is more subtle – by altering probability and utilizing discreet illusions, he will no doubt be a very dangerous foe.
Curiously, technology does not seem to hate him like it does other White Council mages, which indicates there is definitely more to him than meets the eye. (This requires an Unusual Background.)

Have discussed making Serendipity a “sorcery power” – normally, it costs 15/level, however if we apply Sorcery (-15%) and Karma (-20%), this would come to 10 pts/level. With Karma, we would use the Distortion Points thing from Thaumatology p193 which works like Paradox; each time he activates Serendipity, he gains a Distortion Point and once he has 3, he would begin rolling against that number whenever he’s doing magical crap. So, FREX, if he has 6 DP and rolls 5 on 3d, then a Crisis (or Backlash) occurs. We’re still attempting to determine how long that would last but it would likely be Bad Luck (or maybe even Cursed if you crit succeeded on this activation roll?) Right now, I’m leaning toward “this lasts for 1 hour per Distortion Point” so in our above example, he’d have Bad Luck for 6 hours. When this Crisis occurs, his DPs reset to zero.

Interesting thought: if what you want to do with Serendipity exceeds what I as the GM am willing to allow, perhaps you can elect to accept additional Distortion Points to ensure it happens? FREX, he’s has snuck into a bad guy’s lair and I’ve established this bad guy is both highly intelligent and highly paranoid; the chance that said bad guy would use an obvious password is exceedingly unlikely so rather than take 1 DP, you take 3 or 4 and voila, the p/w is something really easy to figure out. (This is just a thought.)

Going to be very interesting to see this in play…