Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

With the narrative thrust resolved, I need to turn to the actual “adventure” itself. The current plan calls for at least five sessions (although, knowing my luck, it’s more likely going to be 6 to 8.) Right now, I’ve split up each planned session according to the characters involved:

Volume 6, “Clean Slate,” Session 1:

  • PC(s): Matias Torres, a Gunslinger with some combat-oriented psi abilities who is currently employed by the US Homeland Security as a “troubleshooter” (in that when he sees trouble, he shoots it.) This gun-fu stuff is new so it’ll be a learning curve for everyone. He will be in Dallas, Texas, following an op and will be assaulted by Red Court vampire operatives. This is mostly intended to let him get a grasp on his new abilities and the other players will run either the mooks or Mat’s Ally/Love Interest, Miranda Flores (the latter will be run by the wife of Mat’s player.)
  • PC(s): Jack Carter and Unnamed New PC. Both are members of OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) and part of the Special Investigations Department; Jack is basically a Grimm though most of his special abilities are principally equipment based, and the New PC is a rookie who is going to go the Iron Fist route in that he’s already a pretty badass martial artist (complete with Trained by a Master) who will essentially gain an equivalent of the Fist down the road. They’re going to be doing the first part of “The Petersen Counterstrike,” a d20 Modern adventure which begins as a hostage situation. Knowing these players, it’s entirely possible that they might end up charging straight in … at the head of a SWAT team played by the other players, of course.
  • PC(s): Sofia Torres, an official White Council wizard. Since the war between the White Council and the Red Court vamps is ongoing, she’s going to be smack dab in the middle of a Chase as the vampire ninjas are pursuing her. An NPC from her background, Auric Craft, will intervene during this chase and point her to “Last Stand on Mason Drive” (from Pyramid 3-31) although I’m going to mostly excise the MIBs since it’s just her and an NPC. That’s getting ahead of myself, though, since the Mason Drive stuff is for session 2 and beyond; here, I’m probably going to begin with her at the OU library.
  • PC(s): Colin Jenks, a new PC who is intended to eventually become Sofia’s apprentice, he’s an untrained magical talent who is going to mostly be an illusion and luck-based guy. He’s going to be in a casino winning a lot of money and will eventually be Chased toward the elevator which will inexplicably go down a really, really long way where he will be greeted by a Chinese Dragon who ominously declares that he has “stolen from me…”. This is how I want to end the session ideally.
Prior to this, I’ve mostly run Red Sky as fairly close to “now” (game time) but “Clean Slate” will actually be set around Halloween last year (2016.) The Halloween time period is necessary since Jack & Unnamed PC will ultimately head into “Blood Sugar,” which is another d20 Modern adventure (the second in the “Heartless” story arc and the sequel to “The Petersen Counterstrike.”
Stats required for this are:
  • Red Court Vampire mook (for the Matias scene and then later the Sofia Chase.) As usual, I run into the issue with correctly converting Red Court vamps into GURPs. Doing a Black Court vamp is easy, but Red Court … urgh.
  • Shooters (for the Matias scene and potentially the Carter/Unnamed-PC scene if the players jump the gun.) These stats will probably be exactly the same as for the SWAT guys should they be needed.
  • Red Shirt Cop. This is for any security personnel needed in the Jenks scene. I’ve already got an example for a couple of my Named NPCs like Officer Sullivan here.