Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

Grumble, grumble, mutter, mutter. So irritated right now because my brain is jumping in like a dozen different directions with regards to gaming. What I should be doing is working for setup on the game I run for my face-to-face group – GURPS Monster Hunters set in the Dresden Files universe – but instead, I’ve been instead reading this Mongoose Traveller campaign (“Secrets of the Ancients”) and making notes for how to convert a lot of that to GURPS for the Saturday Fantasy Grounds group. We’re currently playing Traveller in that under … uh … GM #2, I think? No. It’s #3, though really, #2 only ran for about four sessions. Anyway, we’re playing now and the GM has indicated he intends to run for a while so we’ll probably be ready to switch genres when he’s done yet my brain has decided it would like to take over after him.

I need this like a I need a hole in the head. I simply have too much to contemplate already, dammit.

  1. GURPS: Red Sky. As stated, Monster Hunters set in the Dresden Files world. F2F group.
  2. GURPS: Casus Belli. 5th Century Gwynedd, sort of a pseudo kingdom building, low fantasy, Low Tech game. Fantasy Grounds.
  3. GURPS: Jade Regent. Reskin of the Pathfinder campaign using Dungeon Fantasy. Fantasy Grounds.
  4. GURPS: Traveller. See above.
  5. GURPS: Cons Ops. Action game scenario I sort of hammered out earlier (though this is really only 3 to 5 sessions…)