Adventure Planning: Casino Escapades

Planning for my Dresden Files GURPS game continues. Today, I’m going to focus on the intended fourth scene of the first session for “Clean Slate,” which is basically the adventure. There will be one active PCs during this, Colin Jenks, who is a new character that currently does not have any direct, explicit ties to the other PCs.


Setting: Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma. Hopefully, no floorplan is required.


  • Colin
  • Security Guards (Multiples – ideally, these stats will ultimately be unnecessary)
    • ST 10; DX 11; IQ 11; HT 10.
      Damage 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs.; HP 10; Will 11; Per 11; FP 10.
      Basic Speed 5.25; Basic Move 5; Dodge 8.
      5’11”, 190 lbs.
      Advantages/Disadvantages: Duty (to the Casino), Stubbornness
      Skills: Body Language (Human)-10; Brawling-12; Detect Lies-10; Diplomacy-10; Fast Talk-10; Guns (Pistol)-13; Wrestling-11
      Equipment: TASER (sk: 13, 1d-3 pi-); TASER (follow-up, sk: 13, HT-5(0.5) aff)


  • Begin in media res. Colin is at the Riverwind Casino since rent is coming due and he’s really low on funds so cheating with his abilities is the way to go. Consult player for what games he’s focusing on but presume that he’s going to matriculate to the card tables.
  • Do several rounds where he plays against four other gamblers (as rolled by the other players.) Their skill levels are all -12, but none of them have magical abilities. Obviously, the easiest way to win is for him to use Serendipity, but let him figure out how to play this out, particularly since he may end up wanting to use the Serendipity later.)
  • Once he’s raked in some cash, ask for a PER check. Success allows him to realize there are several conspicuously guard-like types watching him (which could then lead to a Chase as they converge upon him.) Failure means he’s startled when a Security Guard drops a hand on his shoulder and asks him to come with the guard.
  • The ultimate objective is to get Colin into an elevator. How this plays out depends on a number of things:
    • Chase: If he’s being pursued by the guards, run this as a Chase (Action 2) through the casino with the only way out being an elevator.
    • Escort: If he’s being accompanied by a guard, unless he takes action to get free (in which case, this goes directly into Chase rules above), they go directly to said elevator. The guard will pause at the elevator and listen to something in his earpiece, then basically shove Colin into the elevator alone.
  • During the above scene, Colin should see someone whose face sort of … shifts (think of the pilot episode of Grimm when Nick sees Adalind woge for the first time.) The thing keeps on walking.
  • Once in the elevator, Colin finds that, regardless of what button he pushes, the elevator starts going down. Allow him to make an IQ check to realize that magic is involved in some fashion … although he doesn’t quite understand what he’s feeling since he isn’t technically trained.
  • Down, down, down the elevator goes, far below where it should be capable of, before opening up in pitch darkness. The lights (and power) in the elevator go out as well. Since Colin has a cellphone, should presume he breaks it out for flashlight functionality in which case he finds himself in a freaking cave! There is a distinct smell that he cannot readily identify.
  • Since Colin is Curious, should presume he ventures forward to explore. As soon as he advances out of the elevator, the doors close.
  • In the cave, Colin finds sacks and sacks of coins scattered around the floor. Almost the instant he notices this, he also hears a strange scrapping sound. Whatever it is, it’s huge … or the cave’s acoustics are amazing. Let him guess – no doubt player will think “Snake!” – and then, a booming (and strangely genderless) voice declares:
    • You have stolen from me, Colin Jenks.
      • Setting Note: When the Voice uses his Name, Colin feels his entire body respond (and not in a good way.) He knows just enough about Thaumatology to be very, very worried.
    • And then, whatever It is looms out of the shadows and is illuminated by light … and it’s a freaking Dragon. (This is the ideal place to end the session.)