Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

So now I have the planned four scenes for Session 1 of “Clean Slate” squared away and a bare bones for session 2 & 3, it’s time to look at session 4. Obviously this is before I start amending things after introducing stuff to the PCs in the previous sessions – we all know how no plan of battle survives contact with the enemy … or Player Characters, so I fully expect the actual gametime result to be at least a little different (and perhaps drastically so) than this. At this point in the planning, this is more “bare bones” than the others.



My current planned sequence is something like this:

  • Sofia
    • Should be reacting to revelation that Eduardo is alive … sort of. He is surrounded by dozens of Red Courts, far too many for her & Auric to tackle alone. NEED TO SPICE THIS UP SOMEHOW.
      • Idea: Diana Raith arrives in an awesome white Humvee with well-armed thugs wearing white suits. And then, just to complicate matters even more, Jade Court types arrive (maybe Auric identifies them as Jades?)
      • Note: this results in something problematic – Sofia should look at this gathering and know she can’t handle this many bad guys. At the same time, with the war going on, she should be desperate to get intel on it. Perhaps most of the lower level mook-pires stay outside?
      • Idea: Her Weirdness Magnet kicks in and the Black Court Vampire dude (Lord Byron) arrives as well? This way, during the fight, if things start to look bad for her, he will help. Because he insists that he’s in love
    • Question: Why can’t she just remotely eavesdrop using magic? Perhaps wards are setup to prevent that very thing? Or she is able to determine that they are setup to detect and identify anyone attempting to pierce them?
    • Stats required:
      • Not sure at this point.
  • Jack & TBD
    • Resolve “Blood Sugar.”
      • Everyone presumes the major golem is a nut in a costume, not an actual monster.
    • Jack should be able to fill in the Howell connection by now, which points him toward the Estate that Sofia is actually staking out already. Upon closing in on the target, his Danger Sense will go batshit insane.
    • Stats required:
      • Candy Golems
  • Mat
    • Arriving at the Estate area, perhaps at about the same time Jack is (so he sees the OSBI agent and observes how Jack goes into danger mode?). Presuming he cruises by on the bike without stopping, he should be able to identify a handful of vamps scattered in various directions. Should presume he joins up with Jack? Note that Mat also has Danger Sense.
    • As with the Sofia scene, this needs to be spiced up quite a bit.
    • Stats required:
      • Not sure
  • Colin
    • Exiting the Nevernever after the Gauntlet … and he finds himself emerging in the real world within the underground cell / area. He should hear a lot of people above and see some horrifying stuff down here. Maybe have him overhear something he shouldn’t have? Smash out with him Doing A Thing, just as he hears an insane amount of gunfire erupt upstairs!
    • Doing A Thing should result in him losing the tattoo – perhaps it involves touching a Wardstone of some sort and the tattoo visibly moves under his skin to engulf said Wardstone … and then cause it to go boom?
    • Stats required:
      • Not sure at this point