Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

So now I have the planned four scenes for Session 1 of “Clean Slate” squared away and a bare bones for session 2, 3 & 4, it’s time to look at session 5. Obviously this is before I start amending things after introducing stuff to the PCs in the previous sessions – we all know how no plan of battle survives contact with the enemy … or Player Characters, so I fully expect the actual gametime result to be at least a little different (and perhaps drastically so) than this. At this point in the planning, this is more “bare bones” than the others.



My current planned sequence is something like this:

  • Come Together…
    • Jack & Mat & TBD together (presuming) where they compare notes. Sofia might join them? Might want to push or recommend that so all PCs (but Jenks) are together?
    • Suddenly! A group of vans roar into view just as (to Sofia’s eyes) the insane wards surrounding the house collapse like a balloon that has been popped. Out of the vans spring armed dudes who start shooting the place up.
    • Auric will rush forward – now is the time to move! While they’re distracted!
      • There needs to be a reason why the PCs want to enter. Perhaps the innocents that Sofia saw earlier? If nothing else, maybe encourage Ty to be a Big Damned Hero and want to rush in to save the bystanders?
    • Jenks has the opportunity to escape but will he do so without trying to help the poor trapped bystanders? In the process of this, he should obtain some sort of magical item that Bonds to him.
      • Current Working Idea: The item Jenks finds is the “Ring of Solomon” which allows him to banish demons, but when activated, it costs 10+ FP (however much he has at the time so it’ll knock him out.) Even worse, while in the presence of demonic entities, the ring will trigger at its discretion, not the wearer’s, which is definitely problematic. Further, he can’t remove it! On the bright side, it should enhance some of his capabilities.
      • This could be one of the reasons Sofia takes him as apprentice? She recognizes that danger as well as the benefit? As in, demonic entities are drawn to him with the intended goal of devouring his soul because he dares to wield such a weapon against them.
    • Auric should conceal his capabilities until he seizes the Nocte Eternæ at which point, he allows Penemuel (his Denarian host) to unveil and he turns into an angelic-like creature that tears through anything in his way.
      • Naturally, he should come face-to-face with Jenks in the course of the mess … and the ring triggers. Light explodes from the ring, likely knocking Jenks out, but also searing Penemuel into ash – Auric Craft will be found later and now has an IQ 0 and is a drooling idiot is a statue wrought of SALT because this ring is from the Old Testament Yahweh who doesn’t fuck around with those who turn to darkness. There is no sign of the coin (which doesn’t mean it is destroyed, only … misplaced.)
      • Just as interesting is how this light affects all present vampires. The Reds catch on fire and flee (although many clearly are consumed & thus die) , the Jades are blown into mist and Diana Raith … is not present (having already bugged the fuck out as soon as the shooting starts.)
      • Many of the Children of Janus will be physically thrown back from the explosion of light – it is treated literally like a ramped up grenade but without shrapnel. Matias is also tossed back (due to him having the Bloodlust disadvantage), but it is not quite as extreme.
      • NOTE: It is essential that Eduardo escapes again.
    • With this explosion, the fight is pretty much over. The house itself is jacked up and thanks to the this damage, it will be a pretty easy sell to convince anyone that a grenade was used.
    • Stats:
      • Shooters (Children of Janus)
      • Red Court vamps
      • Jade Court vamps … which I need to figure out how they’re different. Interesting thought: one of them should engage the TBD guy (who has the background which can be noted here) in HTH, which then causes the PCs’ “Iron Fist” equivalent (fiery hands!) to spontaneously occur (to the utter surprise of the PC)
    • Aftermath:
      • Sofia will hopefully take Jenks on as an apprentice.
      • Lee will return.
      • TBD Name PC’s grandma shows up out of nowhere and tells him that they have a lot of work to do since he’s manifested the Iron Fist (and man, I need a good name for that. ) He must be trained in how to properly use it because word has by now reached the Oni have learned about his manifestation of the Fist …