Thu. Aug 11th, 2022

In sessions 4 and 5 of “Clean Slate,” a gathering of vampires is intended to take place. While the single White Court vampire isn’t going to stick around and has actually arranged for an escape route, it’s probably a good idea to stat her out anyway which means establishing what the Whites can do.


Despite the Reds being a more frequent opponent, White Court vamps play a bigger role in the series, what with Thomas Raith being Harry’s brother and all. And then there is Lara who remains my personal favorite “lesser of two evils.”

As with the Reds, I looked at the Fate-powered Dresden Files game so I could review the official stats they provided. Some immediate notes:

  • These are the pretty, pale-skinned vampires … though they don’t sparkle.
  • Unlike Blacks and Reds, they don’t suck blood although they might suck … other things, being “sex vampires” and all. They consume psychic energies and the books have lust, fear and despair as their preferred fare (depending on their House.) Fate adds wrath.
  • They’re strong and fast, but not as strong or as fast as a Red or Black. They also only reproduce the old-fashioned natural way.

Alright. That gives me more to work with. The powers they provided on the example Red Court vampire for Fate is more concise:

  • Emotional Vampire
  • Human Guise
  • Incite Emotion (Lasting Emotion)
  • Feeding Dependency (affects all of the following powers)
  • Inhuman Strength
  • Inhuman Speed
  • Inhuman Recovery
  • The Catch: to True Emotion (so “true love” burns a Raith who feeds on lust.)

My current build for a White Court is way too high. We’re talking 416 points just for the vamp itself, but since there is only a single one in the gaming area, I haven’t been too bothered by this fact and have just rolled with it. At the moment, I’m still not entirely satisfied with this, but it works for the time being, I suppose.

Attribute Modifiers: ST+2 [20]; DX+2 [40]; HT+2 [20]. Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Speed +1.00 [20]; Hit Points +4 [8].

Advantages: Affliction (The Kiss) 3 (Ecstasy, +100%) [60]; Appearance (Very Beautiful) [16]; Energy Reserve (Life Essence) 30 (Special Recharge (Leech), -70%) [27]; Leech (1HP/sec) (Addictive “bite” (Gains Addiction), +200%; Contact Agent, -30%; Does Not Affect Those Touched by Love, -5%) [67]; Mind Control (Area Effect (4 yd), +100%; Emanation, -20%; One Emotion Only (Lust), -80%) [50]; Recovery [10]; Regeneration (Fast: 1HP/Min; ER only, -10%) [45]; Striking ST 4 [20]; Supernatural Durability (Costs Energy Reserve (5 ER/sec), -50%) [75]; Unaging [15]

Disadvantages: Code of Honor (White Court Vampire aka “be a serious manipulative SOB”) [-15]; Dependency (Life Essence) (very common, daily) [-15]; Lecherousness (9 or less) [-22]; Uncontrollable Appetite (Life Essence through Leech, 12 or less) [-15]; Weakness (True Love, 1d per minute, Rare) [-10].