Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

To my very great frustration, rather than focusing on Red Sky, my GURPS: Monster Hunters game, my brain has been focusing on our currently ongoing Traveller campaign that I’m probably going to take over from the current GM (which means that there will have been four GMs for this campaign as we keep rotating the duties. I’ve already mentioned the planned “black hole-not a black hole” adventure previously, and this one will take place after it.



Interesting, what I thought that I would do was rip off the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC from Mass Effect 2, at least in regards to play sequence. That leads to the following:

  • First, the PCs need a Liara and a Feron. In this case, the Liara will be a new NPC who has been referenced in the past (as the wife of another NPC who was a former crewmember) while the Feron will be a former PC whose player is no longer with the group.
  • In the current campaign, the PCs are not aboard their regular ship as it has been impounded by the Imperium court on Porozlo and is tied up in litigation with an Evil Korp out for revenge through lawfare. This is due to PC actions from previous adventures.
  • Upon returning to Porozlo, PCs promptly discover the Feron (N)PC (Sam as it where) has vanished and he has been the face of their ongoing trial. Further investigation reveals that he has recently married which, given PC paranoia, will naturally cause the characters to suspect a honeypot operation.
  • Tracking down the new Wife (our Liara stand-in), they will discover that she’s trying to find her husband and will be glad that they’re back so they can help. She arranges to meet them at her apartment later …
  • And the apartment blows up just as the PCs are arriving! This should cast even more suspicion on the “Wife” (who the PCs should now suspect to be a bad guy.) I’ll inject a bunch of hints that this is the case should the PCs return to her place of work where they find out that she rushed out of here just recently.
  • Pursuit leads them to a meeting spot where the Wife interacts with some Korp types who, in clear Cyberpunk fashion, promptly betray her but only after the PCs hear enough to learn that she’s on the side of the angels.
  • This should lead to first a gunfight (because of course it does!) and then a Chase (preferably using air cars of some sort) before finally becoming another gunfight (although having an aerial gunfight sounds kind of amusing.)
  • Presuming the PCs don’t thoroughly botch this, they can learn from the Wife and/or any captured bad guys the location where Sam is … and it should be a crazy, high-tech spot. Now that I think about it, if I can figure out a way to completely rip off the Shadow Broker’s ship, then I will.
  • Cue assault infiltration by the PCs, complete with them becoming Big Damned Heroes to rescue the ex-PC.

Using this basic layout, I’ve got several sessions of play right there (especially when the shooting starts) and even better, there really aren’t a bunch of stats necessary. I need some Shooters for the first gunfight, none of whom need to be more than 150 points or have Guns higher than 13. Throw in some simply gauss weapons and some monocrys bodysuits, and we’re good to go. These characters can then be recycled for the climax, although if this facility is supposed to heavily defended, I could give them an extra 50 points or so and much better gear (particularly since two of the PCs actually have Space Armor which isn’t going to be worn planetside, but once they’re conducting a ‘not entirely legal’ commando raid, it’ll definitely be cracked out.

The chase isn’t that big of an issue either since we could just use Sports Cars (which is in … Action 1, I think?) with the caveat that they’re airborne instead of on the ground. Interestingly, it also occurred to me that it might be neat to split up the party – we’ve got a big group of 6 to 7 players at any time, excluding the GM – during the chase, like half of them are on the air while the rest aren’t cause they’re involved in their own Chase in groundcars.

Yeah. This will do nicely…