Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Was in the process of mining old adventures for the Traveller campaign and I stumbled upon this old thing. Written by Jeff Grubb and Owen Stephens back in 2002, Tempest Feud is a really big three-part adventure where the PCs get involved in some Hutt shenanigans revolving around a new drug (“Tempest”). I’ve actually run some of this before in an actual d20 Star Wars campaign that sort of died out. At first glance, this doesn’t entirely seem to fit, what with Force powers and Hutt cartels, and all that, but then, when I started reading through it again and the synapses began firing again.


First, the Hutts. The interesting thing about the Hutts is that they’re a crime syndicate and honestly, there really isn’t a great deal of difference between such an organization and a Noble House in Traveller. So this is a relatively easy change. Just as amusing, I can use Ian McNiece’s take on Vladimir Harkonnen from SyFy’s Frank Herbert’s Dune complete with contragrav suspensors as “Lord Para Anjiliac, the Count of Porozlo” as opposed to Popara the Hutt.

Second, the general location of the game. Simply by the nature of the campaign, the planet of Porozlo has sort of turned into our origin point. It’s a high tech world (TL10) with a relatively low control rating (CR2), which means this place is frankly kind of perfect for Travellers. Amusingly, the adventure has the PCs on a different ship than their regular one and in our current campaign, our default ship (a Beowulf-class, of course) has been grounded due to legal shenanigans caused by a big corporation the PCs pissed off earlier. I intend to resolve these shenanigans in the adventure prior to this one, but the ship will still be grounded (repairs necessary since it’s so old and said repairs will be currently too expensive for characters) so that’s an excellent lead-in.

In the course of the published adventure, the PCs go to a quarantined planet in the Corporate Sector that is conveniently similar enough to a planet in the Deneb sector (Breslow, which, in this case, will be about 5 Jumps from Porozlo with a J-3 ship.) None of the players will have any issue with me changing the facilities to E (no facilities) and TL9.

Later in the adventure, the PCs are on Nar Shaddaa which, again, Porozlo can replace. They also encounter the Evocii, who are a native species of Nar Shaddaa who were mostly exterminated by the Hutts; there’s no reason at all that the same cannot have happened during the 1st or 2nd Imperium.

My only real issue is determining what some of the various aliens in the published material become in Traveller game since there are a lot of aliens in Star Wars. Right now, a lot of these aliens are just going to be turned into Star Trek aliens (e.g., “humans with bumpy foreheads”) and I’m going to move on. Interestingly enough, the Vargr are likely going to replace both Rodians and Wookiees in this book (which is bizarre.)

Space combat is a solid possibility throughout this adventure, but thankfully, I’m starting to get a handle on the Traveller: Interstellar Wars combat system and it’s relatively easy to retool some of the ships in that book to fit here. I toyed with using Spaceships but that would require a bit more work on conversion than I would like to do.

Interesting times…