Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Despite my brain still churning over Traveller stuff, it looks like I will be taking the GM reins for the Friday face-to-face group in two weeks, which is right before GenCon. My current intent is to use that pre-GenCon week to work through character stuffs and maybe do some “fight club” – having Lee fight the new guy is inevitable, but with our rejiggering of Mat, he’s clearly going to have to get into a John Wick firefight. This way, when we come back the week after GenCon, the players have had at least a little time re-familiarizing themselves with the PCs. But that’s not all I have to get ready which means I really need to get off my butt and get to work.

Things I think I need to accomplish:

  • Figure out what to do for Colin & Sofia in Session 2.
  • Stats for “sugar slave” in Session 3 (for OSBI encounter) though truthfully, this is probably just a Red Shirt Cop with a Zombie template attached to it. I suppose I could just use the Fast Zombie from MH3 p14 and just add heat & water vulnerabilities. Yeah. Let’s do that.
  • Figure out the nature of the Three Pursuers in session 3 (Colin)
  • Stats for “candy golems” (both Small and Huge.) Also need stats for the Cultists, but I’ll probably just use my previous Shooters while reducing their equipment. This is likely going to be my next project.