Adventure Planning: Fight Club!

Hurried re-planning for my Dresden Files GURPS game is the thing today. One of my players unfortunately had to drop out temporarily due to his 40+ hour work week along with a full course-load at school – he’s working on his Masters in … something highly technical – so I had to rush and figure […]

And the Real World freaking sucks…

Got some bad news with regards to my face-to-face gaming group: one of the players has to mostly drop out due to his insane work-slash-school schedule. This means I have to re-evaluate my original plan, now without the Gunslinger in the group (so I need to really dial down any intended combat.) Hmm. I guess […]

Everything’s Better With Ninjas

Now that I have the name of the final PC, I’ve started working on background elements for the character. As stated before (I think), I was heavily influenced by the Netflix Marvel stuff, specifically the Daredevil and Iron Fist shows (the latter of which I thought had great potential hampered by poor fight choreography, bad […]

Back in the Real World

Am officially back to normalcy … and I already kind of hate it. I’m actually quite amazed at how much effort it has taken to re-acclimate myself to my car after having driven the rental SUV for five or six days. If I go to GenCon next year, though, I am totally flying and renting […]

Day Three of GenCon

Successful and enjoyable day. I mostly wandered around the dealer’s hall today, getting in some demos and the like. Especially enjoyed the demo for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy … funny thing, there. Only one of the people present was a GURPS newbie, so we were breaking out more advanced stuff than a demo was geared for […]

GenCon Update(s)

Day Three and I hope it is more successful than day two: yesterday, I think I had a combination of mild dehydration and food poisoning (very mild case) as I ended the day actually throwing up. Once I’d purged, though, I started to feel better. As a result, I’m going to probably be ultra paranoid […]

Getting Hyped for GenCon

Excitement levels rising. Admittedly, I’m not looking forward to the 11+ hour car trip, but at least there will be three others in the rental with me. Scheduled to pick up the rental tomorrow at 0700 and will hopefully be on the road before 0800 … although that means I might catch some rush hour […]