Adventure Planning: Fight Club!

Hurried re-planning for my Dresden Files GURPS game is the thing today. One of my players unfortunately had to drop out temporarily due to his 40+ hour work week along with a full course-load at school – he’s working on his Masters in … something highly technical – so I had to rush and figure out what to do. There is only a single PC active here, Howard Lee. Unfortunately, due to the first rule, I can’t talk about fight club…

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And the Real World freaking sucks…

Got some bad news with regards to my face-to-face gaming group: one of the players has to mostly drop out due to his insane work-slash-school schedule. This means I have to re-evaluate my original plan, now without the Gunslinger in the group (so I need to really dial down any intended combat.)

Hmm. I guess I could rescind my intent to have one of the law enforcement characters out of the adventure …

Everything’s Better With Ninjas

Now that I have the name of the final PC, I’ve started working on background elements for the character. As stated before (I think), I was heavily influenced by the Netflix Marvel stuff, specifically the Daredevil and Iron Fist shows (the latter of which I thought had great potential hampered by poor fight choreography, bad plotting and terrible characterizations.) Now that the Defenders is out and we’ve got more insight into the Hand, I’ve got more to work with and to no one’s surprise, I’m totally going to bring in ninjas.

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Back in the Real World

Am officially back to normalcy … and I already kind of hate it. I’m actually quite amazed at how much effort it has taken to re-acclimate myself to my car after having driven the rental SUV for five or six days. If I go to GenCon next year, though, I am totally flying and renting something there.

Anyway … this coming Friday is the resumption of my GURPS Monster Hunters game, Red Sky, although right now, the plan is to use that session for everyone to re-review their characters, make any changes or updates, finalize anything that needs it (like the fricking name of a new PC because that player is absolutely terrible about actually having an online presence, despite being the youngest member of the gaming group), and so on. Once that’s done, we’re going to do some fight club to remind the players what they’re characters are actually capable of. As stated elsewhere (I think), there has been sufficient time between sessions for everyone to forget what they can do and in two examples, the characters are new or might as well be due to changes we’ve made. For the actual fight club, I’m going to have Matias get into a John Wick kind of shoot-out while Lee (whose player is definitely a GURPS expert) will have a fist-fight with the Nameless PC (whose player is definitely a GURPS newbie); my intent with the latter is to just pair the players off and basically delegate the scenario and instruction stuff to Lee’s player so I can concentrate on the others. The remaining two players are likely to be pressed into service playing the faceless mooks shooting at (or getting shot by) Mat.

If everything goes right, the week after that (1 September) will be the official first chapter of Volume VI: Clean Slate where I kick off with the previously mentioned adventure starts (Apartment Attack, Penthouse Standoff, Ghost Library and Casino Escapades.)

Yeah. I’m ready/not-ready…

Day Three of GenCon

Successful and enjoyable day. I mostly wandered around the dealer’s hall today, getting in some demos and the like. Especially enjoyed the demo for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy … funny thing, there. Only one of the people present was a GURPS newbie, so we were breaking out more advanced stuff than a demo was geared for (e.g., deceptive attacks, ripostes, etc.) and I’m sure the guy running it was wondering “why are these guys even bothering? They know how the game works.” But he was still quite cool about it. Dungeon Fantasy itself looks awesome and I’m glad I kick-started it.

Also sat in on a couple of Star Wars minis demos from Fantasy Flight – “Legion,” I think? And the X-Wing game. Both were fun but not something I’m likely to get into due to high investment cost and the apparent fact that they just seem like quick scenarios that are played out like regular miniatures things. I’ve never been able to get into that – I want my minis to enhance a normal RPG, and I’m not involved in a Star Wars campaign anywhere. Still, it was rather fun and the demo guys were quite engaging.

We’re likely heading home tomorrow – yeah, GenCon has one more day to go, but one of the guys who came with me has to be back tomorrow so he can go to work on Tuesday, another doesn’t want to work on Tuesday but says he needs to (which means I’ll probably have to go in too since he’s a coworker … unless I can contrive to contract con-crud by that time and have a legit excuse to skip) and all of us have pretty much accomplished what we wanted to. Plus, weather is supposed to be good for the … ugh … 11 hour drive, so on the road it is. At least tonight, I get a bed since one of the guys in the rent house had to to leave today.

GenCon Update(s)

Day Three and I hope it is more successful than day two: yesterday, I think I had a combination of mild dehydration and food poisoning (very mild case) as I ended the day actually throwing up. Once I’d purged, though, I started to feel better. As a result, I’m going to probably be ultra paranoid about water consumption today.

Met and chatted with Doug Cole – also picked up his “Dungeon Grappling” book since I play in both a Pathfinder and a 5E game and it has rules for both. Really looking forward to his Dragon Heresy book when it drops. Got to play a session of Night’s Black Agents and I really like the rules. Today, I’ve got an Earthdawn game planned (which, following the before-mentioned bout of mild sickness, I’m less enthusiastic about right now but that might be due to me still being half-asleep) and then later a game that is (I think) using Fate. As that game is going to last until 22:00, I may end up leaving early.

Looks like we’re going to be heading back tomorrow, so I absolutely have to get some sleep tonight. Eleven-plus hours on the road … urgh. Not looking forward to that. Since I’ve already declared for Monday and Tuesday off on work, I’m likely going to sleep most of Monday … maybe. Probably not. Too much to do.

Getting Hyped for GenCon

Excitement levels rising. Admittedly, I’m not looking forward to the 11+ hour car trip, but at least there will be three others in the rental with me. Scheduled to pick up the rental tomorrow at 0700 and will hopefully be on the road before 0800 … although that means I might catch some rush hour traffic. No worries, I suppose.

And man, I’m really unenthusiastic about being here at work today…