Fri. Jun 9th, 2023

I’ve had this book for a while on my Kindle, but for some reason or another, I kept stalling out on it, which is kind of weird because I generally love Gaiman’s work. American Gods, for example, is a fantastic book (and the TV show isn’t half bad either, although I did have some problems with the first season finale – book Wednesday never comes out and identifies himself in such a way. He’s far more subtle than that.)

Anyway, as I’m reading through Neverwhere, I’m realizing how potentially useful it is for my Red Sky game. Admittedly, Oklahoma City doesn’t have cool district names like Knightsbridge or Earl’s Court or Blackfriars like London does (which immediately become really interesting locales if their name is used), but we’ve got a few tiny ones (e.g. Kingsridge and Wildewood and Lyons Park and Westgate) that could be contorted into a proper use. The notion of London Below becomes “the City Below” and is likely a sort of mini-slice of the Nevernever.

My current thinking is that, during Colin’s escapades (from episode 2 to 5) will involve him traversing through the City Below and encountering some of the denizens therein. What I have to figure out now is who to populate these regions with and what kind of visuals to utilize. Clearly, Kingsridge should appear really Camelot-like and Wildewood … well, that’s pretty obvious, I’d think. I also need to determine what his objective is: right now, it’s kind of unclear as the most I have is that he Does A Thing…