Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Day Three and I hope it is more successful than day two: yesterday, I think I had a combination of mild dehydration and food poisoning (very mild case) as I ended the day actually throwing up. Once I’d purged, though, I started to feel better. As a result, I’m going to probably be ultra paranoid about water consumption today.

Met and chatted with Doug Cole – also picked up his “Dungeon Grappling” book since I play in both a Pathfinder and a 5E game and it has rules for both. Really looking forward to his Dragon Heresy book when it drops. Got to play a session of Night’s Black Agents and I really like the rules. Today, I’ve got an Earthdawn game planned (which, following the before-mentioned bout of mild sickness, I’m less enthusiastic about right now but that might be due to me still being half-asleep) and then later a game that is (I think) using Fate. As that game is going to last until 22:00, I may end up leaving early.

Looks like we’re going to be heading back tomorrow, so I absolutely have to get some sleep tonight. Eleven-plus hours on the road … urgh. Not looking forward to that. Since I’ve already declared for Monday and Tuesday off on work, I’m likely going to sleep most of Monday … maybe. Probably not. Too much to do.