Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Am officially back to normalcy … and I already kind of hate it. I’m actually quite amazed at how much effort it has taken to re-acclimate myself to my car after having driven the rental SUV for five or six days. If I go to GenCon next year, though, I am totally flying and renting something there.

Anyway … this coming Friday is the resumption of my GURPS Monster Hunters game, Red Sky, although right now, the plan is to use that session for everyone to re-review their characters, make any changes or updates, finalize anything that needs it (like the fricking name of a new PC because that player is absolutely terrible about actually having an online presence, despite being the youngest member of the gaming group), and so on. Once that’s done, we’re going to do some fight club to remind the players what they’re characters are actually capable of. As stated elsewhere (I think), there has been sufficient time between sessions for everyone to forget what they can do and in two examples, the characters are new or might as well be due to changes we’ve made. For the actual fight club, I’m going to have Matias get into a John Wick kind of shoot-out while Lee (whose player is definitely a GURPS expert) will have a fist-fight with the Nameless PC (whose player is definitely a GURPS newbie); my intent with the latter is to just pair the players off and basically delegate the scenario and instruction stuff to Lee’s player so I can concentrate on the others. The remaining two players are likely to be pressed into service playing the faceless mooks shooting at (or getting shot by) Mat.

If everything goes right, the week after that (1 September) will be the official first chapter of Volume VI: Clean Slate where I kick off with the previously mentioned adventure starts (Apartment Attack, Penthouse Standoff, Ghost Library and Casino Escapades.)

Yeah. I’m ready/not-ready…