Mon. Mar 27th, 2023

Now that I have the name of the final PC, I’ve started working on background elements for the character. As stated before (I think), I was heavily influenced by the Netflix Marvel stuff, specifically the Daredevil and Iron Fist shows (the latter of which I thought had great potential hampered by poor fight choreography, bad plotting and terrible characterizations.) Now that the Defenders is out and we’ve got more insight into the Hand, I’ve got more to work with and to no one’s surprise, I’m totally going to bring in ninjas.


What I am currently considering regarding the organization of the ninjas is stealing from the whole Elements thing (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Void).

  • The Five. This is how the organization itself is known as well as describing the different clans or factions that can be subdivided into Elements.
  • That said, however, there are actually only four clans fully active: the Air, Earth, Fire and Water clans. The Void clan has broken away from the Five and are now fighting against their former masters, ala the Chaste in MCU stuff.
  • The great thing with this is that I can make individual ninjas from different clans possess different abilities. A ninja from Fire might be (literally) fireproof and have some fire-based powers, while an Air Ninja might have a gaseous form super power.
  • As a ninja organization, each clan is clearly pushing into the Powerful Organization [15] with the Special Abilities: grants special powers (ninja powers!) +100% though ultimately, that’s not entirely relevant since they’re unlikely to become a Patron … although I have some thoughts on that for later, specifically with regards to “Why is the Void Clan at war with the other four?”

The great thing about GURPS is that I can totally just use the Ninja template from Dungeon Fantasy 12 albeit by moving the tech level up to current. Putting them at 250 points definitely makes them real threats and having a Stealth-17? Yeah. They’ll be able to appear and disappear nearly at will and that’s before you even bring into account Invisibility Art.

Initially, the ninja aren’t going to be a major element as I want to gradually introduce them, but ultimately, I totally envision a session down the where I hand out ninja characters to all of the other players but the one play Woo Qing and let them try to kill or, more likely, capture him. Best thing during such an encounter is that I could require them to use the Melee Etiquette rule (Basic p417), not to mention the Chambara Fighting stuff from Martial Arts.

Will post more about my thinking with regards to why the ninja clans are at war at a later date…