Star Trek: Discovery

So, watched most of what was released … and I’ve gotta say, I don’t like it. The technology is way more advanced than it should be based on when it is set – about 10 years pre-TOS – and the Klingons, frankly, look terrible. Even worse, they mumble all of their lines – I couldn’t tell if it was due to the prosthetics or just the fact that they spoke entirely in Klingon and were thus incapable of speaking quickly. And that doesn’t even take into account the main character … put simply: she was a blithering idiot who consistently made the wrong decisions over and over and over.

The worst part about this was that they could have resolved probably ninety percent of my issues by simply setting the show post Voyager (to explain the insane tech that was far beyond what was capable in TOS) and then change the Klingons to some random unnamed alien species. Of course, if the main character was written as stupidly in my theoretical version, well … they’d still be in bad shape.

And forget about me paying for CBS’ steaming service to see if future episodes make up for this mess…

Illness Sucks

Missed a couple of days due to feeling like garbage. Lost the entirety of Tuesday – slept the whole day away – then came in late on Wednesday, then went home at the regular time and crashed straight away. Finally starting to feel normal again but still … blech.

Clean Slate, Chapter 3 Revision (Again)

Frustrating news. One of my players – the one who plays Sofia – is out this week due to family issues. It’s now a toss-up whether there will be a game; at this point, I’m putting it at a 50% chance of gaming since one of the remaining players is historically bad with attendance. Sad to say, I’m really getting some Volume III flashbacks here … wish I could figure out a better way to make this particular game rely less on specific player attendance…

Anyway, on the presumption that the game goes one, it means I need to revise my plan.

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Revising the Climax of the Penthouse Fight

As stated in a previous post, I’m into the planning phase for this coming Friday’s game. The two OSBI agents (PCs) and the ATF gal (NPC run by a player whose regular character is not available) have emerged victorious in their firefight with a bunch of hostage takers, with one alive and free, and a second having been wrestled to the ground by the ATF guys. As we ended, the guy who is free had just thrown a backpack at the ATF agent who (logically) presumed it was an explosive.

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The Laundry series by Charles Stross

Just recently discovered these books and I’m now reading the second one – “The Jennifer Morgue” – which is giving me all sorts of awesome ideas for gaming. In the simplest terms, the main character is a British “operative” (though honestly, he’s just a tech guy who knows some spell stuff) who has been caught up in a “destiny entanglement geas” that is modeled off the Bond mythos stuff setup by the bad guy. The “Bond girl” in this question ends up explaining it to the main character late in the book like this:

“It’s not about you, Bob. It’s about plot. The way the geas works, he’s set himself up as the evil villain in this humongous destiny-entanglement spell targeted against every intelligence agency and government on the planet. The end state for this conjuration is that the hero – which means whoever’s being ridden by the Bond archetype – comes and kills the villain, destroys his secret floating headquarters, stymies his scheme, and gets the girl. But Billington’s not stupid. He may be riding the Villain archetype but he’s in control of the geas and he’s got a good sense of timing. Before the Hero archetype gets to resolve the terminal crisis, he ends up in the villain’s grasp under circumstances such that nobody else is positioned to deal with the villain’s plan. Ellis figures that he can short the geas out before it goes terminal and makes the Bond figure kill him. At which point Billington will be left sitting in an unassailable position since the only agent on the planet who’s able to stop him wakes up and suddenly remembers he’s not James Bond.”

This is brilliant to me and gives me a really neat idea for one of my Red Sky adventures. I’d already planned on having volume 8 taking place in an alternate “fantasy land” caused by a Fae Lady sort of rewriting reality around them, so it occurs to me that what I can do here is have her spell be wrought in such a way that there is a big honking loophole in it: she’s the Evil Queen who is terrorizing the land and there must be a Young, Untested Hero who must rise up to throw her down. And conveniently enough, there’s a PC in the group who fits that definition perfectly.

Yeah. That’ll work nicely…

Clean Slate, Chapter Three Planning

Planning now begins for Chapter 3. As stated in my commentary for chapter 2, I’m planning to have Lee sit this one out – originally, he wasn’t even supposed to show up in Clean Slate at all, but since he’s basically just going to sit outside an office while Lady Aoibheal bargains with a lawyer … well, that isn’t very exciting so…

Anyway, the following is basically what I’ve now got in mind for chapter three.

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