GM Commentary for Session 6.03

Full recap here. This session ended up being a week later than originally planned – Sofia’s player had to miss the originally planned game night due to family stuff and Woo’s player had work Overall, I was mostly satisfied with it.

Star Trek: Discovery

So, watched most of what was released … and I’ve gotta say, I don’t like it. The technology is way more advanced than it should be based on when it is set – about 10 years pre-TOS – and the Klingons, frankly, look terrible. Even worse, they mumble all of their lines – I couldn’t […]

Illness Sucks

Missed a couple of days due to feeling like garbage. Lost the entirety of Tuesday – slept the whole day away – then came in late on Wednesday, then went home at the regular time and crashed straight away. Finally starting to feel normal again but still … blech.

Well, Frak

Two cancels for tomorrow’s game, so got to postpone it. Which means right now, we’re gaming every other weekend. Urgh.

Clean Slate, Chapter 3 Revision (Again)

Frustrating news. One of my players – the one who plays Sofia – is out this week due to family issues. It’s now a toss-up whether there will be a game; at this point, I’m putting it at a 50% chance of gaming since one of the remaining players is historically bad with attendance. Sad […]

Revising the Climax of the Penthouse Fight

As stated in a previous post, I’m into the planning phase for this coming Friday’s game. The two OSBI agents (PCs) and the ATF gal (NPC run by a player whose regular character is not available) have emerged victorious in their firefight with a bunch of hostage takers, with one alive and free, and a […]

The Laundry series by Charles Stross

Just recently discovered these books and I’m now reading the second one – “The Jennifer Morgue” – which is giving me all sorts of awesome ideas for gaming. In the simplest terms, the main character is a British “operative” (though honestly, he’s just a tech guy who knows some spell stuff) who has been caught […]

Clean Slate, Chapter Three Planning

Planning now begins for Chapter 3. As stated in my commentary for chapter 2, I’m planning to have Lee sit this one out – originally, he wasn’t even supposed to show up in Clean Slate at all, but since he’s basically just going to sit outside an office while Lady Aoibheal bargains with a lawyer […]