Using Fantasy Grounds for my F2F GURPS Game

I have a kick-ass boss. He’s an old school gamer himself – played Car Wars back in the day and his kids are currently really into the Star Wars Armada miniatures – and he lets me and my gaming group use the office on Fridays to game. The thing that’s most useful about this location is the widescreen television in the room we use at the office.



The really cool thing for me is that I’ve started using Fantasy Grounds with the GURPS 4E Ruleset for the game. Since I use FG every Saturday for our weekly GURPS game anyway, I’m already familiar with it.

Basically, I host a game, then join this game on the big screen so I can have all of my stuff there. For example, this week, Jack Carter, Wufei Qing, and some NPCs are going to get into a fight in a stairwell. The below is how I can use this (after having imported stuff in and setting up some stuff beforehand.) Now during gametime, the only characters I’m actually going to be running are the bad guy shooters since I’m going to hand out the Red Shirt Cops and S/A Moretti to players whose characters aren’t involved, so that helps me out. Note that I’ve put some of the tables into Fantasy Grounds beforehand, specifically the various Critical Hit, Critical Miss, Fright Check, and that sort of thing to automate it. Ultimately, that’s more for the online games than the F2F since I like to let the player(s) roll their own doom with that sort of thing, but I showed it anyway.