GM Commentary for Session 6.03

Full recap here.

This session ended up being a week later than originally planned – Sofia’s player had to miss the originally planned game night due to family stuff and Woo’s player had work Overall, I was mostly satisfied with it.



Scene 1 was the aftermath of the explosion that ended the 2nd session. Initially, I toyed around with using the Madness Sphere (I think?) from Dungeon Fantasy, but soon realized that was over-complicating things. I then decided to go with the traditional explosive and tracked down how much damage a stick of modern C4 did from High Tech (5dx3 cr ex.) Rather than get bogged down with the number there since I’ve got a couple of players whose eyes cross when we get too math heavy (hey, mine do too sometimes), I instead allowed the two players to burn a FP to convert everything to just a single HP of damage. They also got thrown about. The bad guy was one of the 100-point Shooters but with the Wraith template from Magic applied. I also added in-game that he was burning up from the inside so touching him or getting Close (e.g., with a knife) required a HT check or take 1 HP of damage. After five rounds of combat, I began making a HT check for this guy at the end of his round to see if he finished ‘burning out.’ To further reflect that he was being destroyed from the inside, each round I also reduced his HT score by 1 which seems really brutal until you realize that his HT started at 17. Jack took a brutal punch to the face – it was like 6 points crushing, plus 1 point burn – and I allowed him to burn one use of his Gizmo advantage to have a healing salve that ended up restoring 6 HP. He’s only got a limited number of these.

Scene 2 was honestly just a really long Chase using the rules from Action. Colin’s player was rolling fairly well, but one of the pursuing “lofas” (I just used the Ogre from Dungeon Fantasy along with the Brute from DF15: Henchmen) just consistently rolled really well. In the end, I sort of cheated by having the lofa keep trying some stupid Stunts to ensure he would fail long enough for the PC to be able to Hide. Since he was also using his Illusion power, I just had the lofas thunder past him. My original intent was to then pick up the Chase again, but I ended up just sort of winging it and letting the player dictate what played out.

Scene 3 was Sofia and man, it did not play out like I expected it to. There were three Red Court vamps (which I’ve covered here) but only two of them were intended to be a threat to her as the other would be tied up with the NPC wizard’s apprentice. I’d expected her to struggle a little bit, then end up helping the apprentice, but she flat out smoked one of her vamps before he could even get to her – put him at Death Check #1 threshold with a sorcery spell (Burning Attack 5d) and since they’re “mooks,” I declared him DRT (Dead Right There.) The second vamp got up in her face and dodged her second spell, then promptly crit-failed on an unarmed attack so he face-planted in front of her. The prone penalty resulted in him failing his dodge for her third fire spell and she did significantly more damage than the first guy – I think it put him to Death Check #2 threshold in one shot. Vamp #3 said “screw this noise” and tried to bolt – I gave him a Will check and missed it by 5! – but this put his back to her so Sofia nailed him with her fourth burning attack. She did equivalent damage as the second guy took. So damn. We all agreed that was pretty badass.

Scene 4 then jumped back to the OSBI guys was basically just setup for next week. I was ready for them to go through the portal or not, but Woo forced it when he went through which meant Jack had to follow. What I was definitely not expecting with Jack’s player deciding to loudly announce their presence and demand everyone surrender. I’d planned for them to sneak around and eavesdrop, but the best laid plans and all that…

Overall, I was mostly satisfied with this third session although I think I could have done a better job of involving everyone during some character-specific scenes. I did try to keep them involved at least a bit by having players not involved with the current action do die rolls for me so I actually didn’t touch my dice very frequently (which was for the best based on some of my crap rolls.)

Interestingly, Woo’s decision to jump through the portal has really screwed Jack since Carter followed. Jack was the agent-in-charge of the whole hostage thing and now, he’s vanished. Yeah, he’s definitely going to (at the very least) lose a level of Police Rank. It does occur to me, though, that I can use that to start pointing him toward realizing that the OSBI has been suborned as well which will (hopefully) culminate in him breaking from the organization down the road because he can’t trust them.

There were some technical difficulties caused by either the latest Windows 10 updates or the Fantasy Grounds update. Not sure which, but the computer in the front room where we game simply could not connect to my office computer which was hosting the game, so I had to return to older school methods.

Next week (presuming we don’t experience another bye week due to schedules), I’m looking at four major scenes: first, Jack & Woo have to navigate their mess, which will likely consist of less combat than they expect – I’m currently thinking that only a few dudes will remain behind to cover the retreat of the other bad guys and these guys will go all burn-out Wraith if appropriate. From salvaged intel, the two should learn of the impending strike by these guys at the Howell mansion. Then, I jump to Jenks who has to get through a “Trial” which is basically going to be a couple of tests that pit him against the three ogres. I’m still working through the specifics. Then it’s onto Sofia … who NEEDS something really weird to happen to her (since she’s a Weirdness Magnet) that can delay her reaching the mansion until session 5 (which is still the planned adventure climax unless the PCs throw me another curve ball.) Finally, I then go to Howard who will be sent by Aoibheal on a task that will, ideally, bring him together with Jack and Woo at the manufacturing plant. Which makes candy. (This is a setup for later adventures as I’ve decided to hold off on running the “Blood Sugar” part of the adventure until a later date … heck, I may run that as part of the next adventure.)